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Energy Healing: Expectations Vs Reality

Energy Healing: Expectations Vs Reality

Intention directs energy healing. Intention is also one of the most powerful manifesters in your life as everything you think, you create. I find this extremely exciting as you can create the experience you want when you set the correct intentions.

However, intention does not discriminate between positive and negative, and it will create what you think. So if you are thinking negatively, you will set the intention to create that.

Keeping track of your intention is not always straightforward as there are different ways you can think about an outcome. One of the most potent ways of doing this is through expectations.

What Is An Expectation?

An expectation is anything you think you expect. It prejudges what the outcome will be that will either make you happy or won't make you happy. It creates a future before something happens and already sets in motion how you will react, think or take action.

If you take a step back from this, you can see that this is an extremely powerful intention. It is also extremely restrictive as it prevents the universe from providing what you want in a natural way.

It limits the outcome and reduces your chances of manifesting abundance and positive experiences. It is the worst type of negative intention.

An expectation is a powerful intention that limits what is possible for you. An expectation takes you out of the natural flow of the universe. It binds you to an outcome that you created, which is far less than the pure unlimitedness of what the universe can provide.

When working with energy, your intention is essential as it directs what the energies will do. With this in mind, it is vital that when embarking on any energy healing practice that you do not have unrealistic expectations.

The only beneficial expectation is to want to learn from the experiences you may have, whatever the experience.

This opens up your intention to discovering things you do not know and learn, therefore growing and moving forward. It doesn't matter what the experience is, and it will be a benefit.

If something does not match your expectation, then stop and look at what can be learnt from the expectation you created, what the reality of the situation is and take from the experience and learn from it. Do not focus on unrealistic expectations.

As an example, Joe always feels energies as a tingle in her hands. This is how she always feels energies and is how she judges all energies.

Joe accepts an attunement and does not feel tingles in her hands. She judges the energies as not flowing and the attunement as not working. She does not activate the energies.

This is an unrealistic expectation. The energies may be showing Joe a new way of sensing energies, but Joe's expectations block the universe, teaching her something new or bringing forward a unique spiritual gift.

If she had let go of her unrealistic expectation, she might have discovered a new spiritual gift, a new spiritual guide, a new path, enlightenment etc.

Joe will never know as she blocked it, and these experiences will never be known to her. How limiting!

If Joe had realistic expectations and looked for discoveries in her experience, she could have put herself in a position of unlimited potential.

Think about how incredible this could be for a moment. Say it in your mind, 'Unlimited potential'. Don't block unlimited potential with unrealistic expectations.

Energy Healing Unrealistic Expectations

Identifying unrealistic expectations can be challenging. The following areas within energy healing tend to evoke the most unrealistic expectations.


You will undoubtedly have seen the word powerful used often in energy healing circles. Hey, I have even used the word in this blog post! Powerful is an extremely subjective word and can mean just about anything to anyone.

Typically when the word powerful is used, it conjures up strong reactions to the flow of energy. It also sometimes suggests that you must experience a powerful effect of the energy or it is not correct.

The problem with this unrealistic expectation is that what is powerful for me may not be powerful for you. What is powerful for you may not be powerful for me.

It can be a very limiting term if you set your expectations firmly on having a powerful experience.

Sometimes the most significant experiences are with softer energies and discoveries in quiet moments of contemplation. This is truly powerful, not the unrealistic expectation of forceful power.

How Energies Feel

If you work with energies, you may have unrealistic expectations of how energies must feel or be perceived especially when receiving attunements.

This is extremely limiting as the intention behind this is saying if the energies do not match your expectation, then they are not right. This prevents the universe from providing and spirit from guiding you.

Don't let this unrealistic expectation block your unlimited potential as Joe did in the example above.


Sometimes unrealistic expectations can control how long the universe has to deliver your expected results.

If you work with energy healing and have an unrealistic expectation that you will achieve your results by a specific time, you have just limited what the energies may provide.

Sometimes you will work on certain energetic principles your entire life as it is your life's purpose.

Try not set expectations on how and in what time frame the universe must provide results.

Remember, energy healing is all about learning and discovering. This is the only positive expectation.

Effort Required

All energy healing requires effort and action. This is a vital part of positive intention. Without action, you will not achieve the results you want.

It is an unrealistic expectation to accept an attunement and do no work to then achieve the results. I see this unrealistic expectation come up in my daily work with clients.

The clients who do not achieve full results are the ones who do not read the manual, listen to suggestions, answer questions or take time to activate and work with the energies.

Your results will be based on the intention, action and expectations you have. If you do not put the effort in you will get nothing out.


Moments of enlightenment can be life changing if you work with them. But notice I used the word 'moments'. I did this on purpose as enlightenment is not a continuous experience.

Enlightenment is often chased after as a sort of consistent mental/spiritual state where you have all the answers of the universe at your fingertips. The problem with this unrealistic expectation is that you are human.

You are here to learn and discover (the only realistic expectation). What can you possibly learn if you are in a constant state of bliss? You can't, and therefore, you do not grow, which leads to spiritual stagnation, which is where the universe will trigger a learning experience, often very suddenly.

A realistic expectation of enlightenment is to expect moments of spiritual clarity and take these discoveries and work with them and put them into action. Learn, grow and discover.

Psychic Development

We all have psychic or spiritual gifts. Some psychic senses will be stronger than others, but we all have the possibility of sensing energies around us, no matter how we achieve this.

The brutal truth is that psychic development requires a lifetime of practice.

If you think that you can accept an attunement and be intensely psychic, this is extremely unlikely.

Attunements are energetic tools that aim to support your development. Development is an action word which entails planning, dedication, time and a lot of practice.

Development is a long term practice. There is nothing in the word development that suggests a quick fix.

Your journey of psychic development is what brings insights, discoveries and ultimately satisfaction and fulfilment.

Illness And Being Unwell

I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, give medical care or advice. Energetically, attunements are tools that primarily work on the spiritual level. As mentioned above, the primary aims of energy healing are to attempt to bring about spiritual insights and learnings. It does not promise any outcome.

Sometimes when you are unwell, especially emotionally and mentally, your energies tend to be very chaotic, unbalanced and changeable. If this is the case, it becomes very difficult or indeed impossible to hold a consistent and stable intention.

Intention is what directs energy; it is the backbone of all energy healing. Without consistent and balanced intention, it becomes impossible to direct the energies. Inconsistent intention results in inconsistent long term energetic and spiritual results.

It is for this reason that it is essential that you gain medical diagnosis, care and attention before considering energy healing. You must ensure your energies are as consistent as possible before considering energy healing.

Working With Positive Expectations

Learning and discovering from experience is the only positive expectation. To check that you only work with this powerful intention, always ask what you have learnt from an energy healing experience.

Even if you feel you have achieved what you wanted from an energy healing experience, still ask this question of yourself. This way, you are ensuring that both positive and negative experiences are opened up to unlimited potential.

As an example, if you accept an attunement and the energies feel very intense, and they leave you feeling grounded, light and happy, don't just take this as a positive experience, especially if this was your expectation.

Question why you felt the energies in such a way. Could it be due to how you were feeling when accepting the attunement? Could it be the time of day or type of energy? Did you sense anything familiar or unfamiliar? Why was this? Dig deep.

You are trying to find things that you may not have considered before and learn something new. When you do this, you are open to the universe providing unlimited potential. This is a realistic expectation.


Unrealistic expectations are powerful negative intentions that block the universe from providing unlimited potential.

The only positive expectation is to learn and discover new experiences from every experience you have.

Question every healing outcome (positive or negative) and learn and discover something new from every experience.

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