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Telepathy attunements aim to assist in activating, enhancing and supporting your telepathic abilities. Telepathy is energetic communication between two minds. Telepathy is a psychic gift or skill that, if developed, may enhance your spiritual development. I recommend considering the Telepathy Activation Maintenance Attunement as a good starting point. You may also be interested in psychic development, third eye and clair senses attunements.


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Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Arcturian Telepathy Stimulation Treatment
Sacred Etheric Star Tetrahedron Connection Maintenance Attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Telepathy 999 Spiritual Integration Treatment
Dynamic Psychic Development Connections Maintenance Attunement
Top 10 Attunement
Arcturian Third Eye Activation Attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Spiritual Telepathy Enhancement Treatment
Sacred Etheric Flower Of Life Connection Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Telepathy Enhancement Treatment
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Telepathy Stability Enhancement Treatment
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Telepathy Magic Clearing Treatment
Telepathy Activation Maintenance Attunement
Telepathic Abilities Strengthening Dynamic Empowerment attunement
Dynamic Vega Connections Maintenance Attunement
Cat Power Animal Connections Maintenance Attunement

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