How To Read Your Aura

How To Read Your Aura

When you search how to read your aura (Why Do We Have An Aura?) online, you typically get the same old repetition of what you must see and what it invariably means. Usually, this is in the form of what colours to look for, where the auric layers must be and then long descriptions of what they mean.

It is important not to be pigeonholed into thinking that there is only one way of perceiving the aura.

You may also notice that there are huge variance and contradiction in what the aura is, what it does, what it’s colours are etc. This can be very confusing when you first start trying to understand these things. The following way to read your aura will allow you to do so without being told what you must perceive and how to perceive it. You will learn how to read your aura the best way for you to do so and not a uniform way that probably won’t work for you.

Why Is There So Much Contradiction?

The simple reason is that subtle energy (which is what the aura is made of) can’t be uniformly read using our perception. You see, we are unique energy beings who will perceive things uniquely to us. This means that you will see subtle energy the way that best suits your way of perception. So the colour green to me will mean something different to you. If I see seven layers of the aura, you may see four layers. Does this mean that one of us is wrong? Not at all. What it means is that you must interpret what you see for yourself. It is essential not to be pigeonholed into thinking that there is only one way of perceiving the aura. This is not true. Your perception will always be the right perception for you.

How Do You Know What You Are Perceiving?

This will take a little time and practice. The more you practice how to read your aura, the more you will start to learn your most reliable ways to perceive energies. You will soon be able to know very quickly what you are perceiving and what it means to you, so you get a good understanding of what this means to you. I have deliberately used the word ‘perceived’ as perception can be achieved using any of your senses or spiritual gifts. This allows for a lot more room to accurately assess the state of your aura. Some people will be more inclined to see colour, some will feel it, while others will have combinations of ways to perceive. Again, the more you practice, you will be able to tap into the best ways for you to sense subtle energies and read your aura. This will give you a far more accurate way of how to read your aura than just learning what someone else has perceived for themselves.

How To Read Your Aura

To be able to read or scan your aura effectively, it is essential not to be confused by or influenced by what you think how the aura should appear. You must always use your intuition as to what things mean for you. The following gives suggestions on how to read your aura.

Before starting the scan, quieten your mind and enter a mindful space. This is a space where you are not stopping or controlling thoughts and emotions. You are fully aware of what the thoughts and feelings are, but you are not actively connected or reacting to them. Once you are in this state, take a few deep breaths and on each inhale, bring your focus into your physical body.

Once you are connected with your body, shift your focus onto your bodily sensations. Scan your body slowly for any sensations like breathing, swallowing, digestion sounds, aches, temperatures etc. Feel these sensations for a few breaths.

Now bring your focus to about a centimetre above the physical body and hold it there for a moment. Imagine you can feel a light shimmering in and very slightly above your physical body, like a blanket. What sensations are you feeling? Do you hear, see, sense or taste anything?

As soon as anything has been picked up move your focus a little further away from your physical body (perhaps 5 centimetres) and repeat the same process of perception. As soon as you sense something move out a bit further from your body and repeat the process until you have scanned all the auric layers you want to scan.

The aim is to use all of your senses to pick up any information and then move on as soon as you do. Don’t linger or stick around in any one location for too long or the information received may become distorted by overthinking. By doing this, you are building a broader perspective of the aura. This is helpful for the overall idea of vitality and issues that may be present.

Once you have completed the scan revisit any area you wish to have a closer look at and hold your focus on any bodily sensations using all your senses or senses that are your most active.

I would not get too focused on individual auric layers. General perceptions will be just fine, and with time, your intuition will guide you to what is most important to be aware of at that time. It does not matter where or what but rather what can be done, balanced and achieved.

Please add any variations that work best for you. With practice, you will be able to focus and perceive without very much preparation or process. You will often connect with a strong knowing that will guide you.

Aura Maintenance Attunement

Some attunements may be beneficial in expanding your perception and working especially with your aura. You may be interested in the Aura Maintenance Attunement which is designed to help maintain the energies of your aura. 


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