Energetic Protection

Protecting Your Energy Healing Practices

Protecting Your Energy Healing Practices

One of the joys of energy healing and spiritual development work is that there is an unlimited way of practising, creating or discovering. You are a unique being who will practice and discover uniquely. One of the most straightforward ways of energetic protection is always aiming to have and work with the highest vibration energies. However, the following additional suggestions may be beneficial in protecting your energy healing practices.

Protecting Your Energy Healing Practices

Ensuring the energetic protection of your energy healing practices is something you must build into your work. One of the best ways of doing this is to ensure all your energy healing work, intentions, and actions are of the light and the highest vibration possible.

Sometimes these unsafe intentions and practices can creep in without conscious thought, impacting your energy healings energetic protection, quality, and effectiveness. I recommend that you undertake regular reviews of your energy healing practices.

If you find that you tend to repeat the same harmful energy healing practices, it is essential to uncover why this may be the case. It is often easy to blame others, spells, implants and all sorts of other issues. When you undertake an energy audit, you aim to analyse your current perspectives, intention, actions etc., to see if you can identify any potential causes and find a high vibration, positive solution.


Attunements are handy energetic tools; however, not all attunements are positive, high vibration, or of the light. It is essential to never accept an attunement, especially from an attunement founder you don't know and trust, without doing your homework. Choosing a safe attunement is critical.

The same goes for the person who will attune you. If the person who will attune you teaches or passes on attunements that are not of the light or are black magic, you will be connecting to this through your connection with the person who attunes you.

Energy Healing Treatments

When you give yourself and others an energy healing treatment, session, scan or any direct energetic contact with someone, you must build energetic protection into your preparation and intention.

Consent is also critical as if you do energy healing without consent, you may be unwittingly psychically attacking someone. Ironically it is often relatively easy to try and justify this by thinking at least you are helping. However, you have no idea what the recipient wants; after all, it is their energies and their spiritual development and not yours.

Energetic Programs

When you look at using energetic programs, it is essential to take the high road. This means only to use energetic programs that are open, high vibration and are needed. It can be very tempting to create energetically programmed etheric tools that are quite restrictive or not very spiritually mature - there may be better spiritual advancement ways.

Energetically programmed tools may also be combined or attached to objects. This may include elixirs, amulets, crystals, spiritual objects etc. If these programs are no longer required, remove them. It is best practice to not program an object as being permanent. You are a unique being who, with time, will not be the same or require what you previously needed; this is spiritual development.

Energetic Protection Attunements

Energetic protection attunements may offer great additional energetic tools to help support the energetic protection of your energy healing, manifestations etc. It is essential to understand the information above; however, the following attunements may be worth considering:

Energy Healing Protection Maintenance Attunement

The Energy Healing Protection Maintenance Attunement aims to provide energetic protection of all your energy healing work and creations specifically. These energies make an excellent addition to any energy healing practices.

Magic Spell Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Magic Spell Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to clear and prevent magic, spells etc. The energies have a wide application; however, they can also use them to remove any spells associated with your energy healing work and prevent any infiltration of spells that may impact your energy healing work you are doing or creating.

High Vibration Maintenance Attunement

The High Vibration Maintenance Attunement aims to raise your vibration. This is an essential aspect of not only spiritual development but also energetic protection. The higher your vibration when practising energy healing or creating energetic manifestations may reduce any non-serving influences and ensure a more focused and appropriate intention.

Sacred Etheric Pyramid Connection Maintenance Attunement

The Sacred Etheric Pyramid Connection Maintenance Attunement is an attunement that not only aims to provide energetic protection but also transmutes negative energies and creates a safe space to complete your energy healing practices. These energies also aim to connect you to enlightening energies, which may benefit energy healing, manifestation and energetic programs.

I hope you find this blog post helpful, and I wish you happy, energetically protected energy healing work, creations and manifestations.

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