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How To Structure Energy Healing Treatments

By Craig MacLennan May 30, 2016 6 min read

How To Structure Energy Healing Treatments

Most energy healing and Reiki practitioners, whether for self or client work, will be mindful that it is essential to prepare before undertaking energy healing treatments and work and knowing how to structure energy healing treatments and work is helpful.

Having a structure can be very helpful in strengthening focus, intention and giving you more confidence.

I have noticed that many energy healing manuals and teachings don’t spend a lot of time devoted to energy healing work structure and tend to give more emphasis to hand positions, body posture etc. While this may be important, I would like to focus on providing tips and advice on how to energetically structure your energy healing work. Some of the information has been taken from my own experience and practice and may not necessarily include traditional teachings. Take from this blog post what speaks to you and test it out for yourself and use what feels right for you. Ultimately you need to feel comfortable and confident with how you prepare and energetically structure your energy healing work.

Energy healing will still work if you do not prepare or follow any structure. That is one of the blessings of energy healing; you are always connected. However, having a structure can be very helpful in strengthening focus, intention and giving you more confidence. Although energy healing is intuitive and will go and work in areas where it is needed, it will also go where your thought goes. If you focus in a more controlled way, setting your intention, you can more effectively give treatments that are built on solid foundations, allowing energy healing to do its job as you step back, letting the energy healing work unfold.

How To Structure Energy Healing Treatments

The structure and suggestions given below can be done within a few minutes and eventually become second nature allowing you to create a beautiful, energetic environment to practice in.

1. Energetic preparation

Before undertaking energy healing work, start to mentally prepare for it. You may want to quieten your mind, have a salt bath or give thanks. I am a big fan of salt baths and will usually have one each day. Salt is purifying, helps you detox and is protective. When working with clients, I find that salt baths help keep your energy fields clear and reduce unintentional transference from the client to you. Energetic boundaries are essential, and salt baths seem to strength this.

2. Working area preparation

Treat the area that you will be working as a sacred place by lighting a candle and incense. Candles are a great way to focus energy, and over time by lighting the candle, you will almost instantaneously start the energy work as you become accustomed to its use. You may also like to try smudging the room before you begin the next step. Smudging, initially used by North American Indians, is an effective way of clearing stale energies from a place or person. Just light it (it is usually made of white sage, although there are many different varieties) and fan the smoke with a feather or even your hand into all areas of the room. There are many attunements that can be used to prepare and clear your space before doing your energy healing work. You can find many listed in our Space Clearing collection.

3. Energy activation

Once the area has been cleansed, it is now time to either connect with or activate positive energies. You can do this by using intention to bring in positive and supportive energies. You can also activate energies that you may be attuned to if you feel this is appropriate for what you want to achieve. Activate and bring in positive energies in a way that works best for you.

4. Intention statement and undertaking your energy healing work

Once the room is cleared of any 'negative' or stale energy and positive energies, have been activated, use an intention statement to then set the scene and energetic stage. The following intention statement can be amended with variations depending on what you are doing or wanting to accomplish. You can say the intention statement out loud or in your mind.

'I ask the angels and my guides [if you have your own guides then you can call them as you wish or feel guided to] to be with me, inform me and protect me during this energy healing work for [name of person you are treating or say 'me' if it’s a self-treatment]. I ask that the purest energies will be received and that any dark or negative energy will be kept out. I also ask that [name of the person being treated or say 'I' for self-treatments] will receive the strongest energy that [name of the person or I] can receive in accordance with [their or my] highest self. Thank you.'

Using intention statements are a very effective way of focusing yourself and setting ‘the stage’ before commencing the energetic work you desire. Once you have ‘set the stage’, you can then go ahead and complete your energy healing work.

5. Post energetic work disconnect

After you have completed your energy healing work, if you have been working with a client it is important to cut the healing cord that has established between the two of you. Cutting the healing cord is also important to do if you are doing distance work. The healing chord usually establishes itself between the heart chakras of yourself and your client. It is through this connection that you will intuitively pick up or feel information that may be beneficial for your client.

10 Ways To Cut Etheric Cords And Prevent Them From Returning

One of the most common reasons for energy healing practitioners feeling tired or drained after giving a treatment is due to not cutting the healing cord after a treatment. The healing cord is an energetic connection. If this energetic connection is not cut your client can unintentionally continue to keep taking or receiving energy from you. If after a treatment you still feel connected to or keep thinking about your client you are probably still energetically connected to them.

Cutting the healing cord is easy and can be done by simple intention (‘I now cut the healing cord between me and [client’s name]’) and then with three or four vigorous brushes down from your neck across your chest (over your heart chakra) and away from the body. Do this for both sides of your body. 

The Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement is an energetic tool that may help remove non-serving cords following any energetic work.

6. Grounding

Once the healing cord has been cut it is important that you ground yourself. Grounding allows you to balance your energies and prevent feeling spaced out. This can be done by simple visualisation.

Imagine that you have grounding cords going down from both chakras in your feet and the root chakra deep into mother earth. Once the grounding cord is established, intend that you draw up the energies of mother earth into yourself. You can do this by simply drawing up energy when you breathe in and then strengthen and deepen the cord while you breathe out. Do this a few times before disconnecting.

The Grounding Maintenance Attunement is an energetic tool that may help ensure you are properly grounded following any energetic work.

7. Gratitude

Once fully grounded thank all those you asked for protection and assistance. Give gratitude for being able to be a channel for healing and compassion. Gratitude is an attitude that is the first step in progressing your own personal and spiritual development. It provides a powerful way of bringing positive change not only to you but also the world.

The structure and suggestions given are by no means set in stone. Read and absorb the information with an open heart. Perhaps try and test out the suggestions and then keep what works for you and leave what does not. Be true to what works and is right for you.

There are many different types of attunements that may be useful when preparing to do your energy healing work. I have a created a Tools For Healers collection that highlights these energetic tools.


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