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How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked?

How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked?

It is essential to be aware that an attunement is just a process. It is not the system, the energies or what brings about healing. An attunement is a process that allows you to remember the energies of the attunement so that you can reaccess these energies once attuned, more efficiently. With this in mind, an attunement is not what you should be using as a way to gauge the effectiveness of the energies. To gauge the energies, you must use the energies.

Your attunement experience will be as unique as you. Some may feel profound shifts while others may feel nothing at all (Energy Healing: Expectations Vs Reality). This is absolutely fine, as an attunement is just a process. It is not important to feel this process. It is, however, more important to connect with the energies of the attunement once the process has finished.

As mentioned previously, you are unique. So what may be felt by one person may not be felt by you. This may be due to the energies you are attuning too, your energies or the energies around you. As an example, if you are attuning to high-frequency energies and at the time you accept the attunement you are not focused, or your awareness is not heightened, you probably won't feel the energies of the attunement. Most often, this will be caused by digesting food, drinking coffee, being tired, feeling emotional or distracted etc.

Even if you are perfectly receptive for the acceptance of the attunement, there will also be times when the attunement process, which is guided by your higher self, occurs in the energetic background. When this happens, the attunement is happening outside of your conscious perception. Your higher self will know what is best for you at that time. It is even possible to accept attunements while you sleep, which you will not consciously experience, but your higher self will be in control of the process.

How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked?

It is important not to doubt the process or believe you have not been attuned. This is because the intention is what guides energy. If you think you have not been attuned, then you have not been attuned. So following accepting your attunement, start by believing that despite not sensing the attunement, you have been attuned. Once you have set this intention, activate the energies of the system. If you are feeling very doubtful, then it is best to leave the activation of the energies for a few hours or a day or so, to allow for better headspace.

Once you activate the energies, just let the energies flow. Try not to control the energies, just let them flow. Hold this for as long as it takes to start to get a sense of the energies. This may, depending on experience, take a few attempts. This is because experience depending, you may have to clear blockages and widen your energy channels to start to get proper flow. Don't worry about this, it will happen as it is meant to, just give it some time.

Saying this, if you really feel like you have not accepted your attunement, leave a couple of days, set your intention to fully accept the attunement and accept the attunement again. Sometimes the time you accept the attunement may not be the most optimal time to accept the attunement, but with experience, you will know when the best time is for you. All attunements that I prepare can be accepted as often as you want, so please feel free to experiment on the best times for you.

As with all energy healing, your intention is essential. If you set your intention to accept the energies, you will accept the attunement. You may just require a little patience to allow the energies to integrate and flow within your energy bodies.

There are other ways in addition to activating the energies to tell if your attunement worked. You may be interested in the 5 Ways To Check If Your Attunement Worked blog post.


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