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5 Ways To Check If Your Attunement Worked

5 Ways To Check If Your Attunement Worked

There is a small number of people who tend not to feel attunements, and this is perfectly fine as an attunement is just a process, it is not the energy system. The quickest way to check if your attunement worked is to activate the energies and see if there is a connection and ensure that you have realistic expectations. I discuss this in more detail in the How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked blog post which is a good starting point. In addition to activating the energies, the following 5 ways to check if your attunement worked may be of interest.

5 Ways To Check If Your Attunement Worked

1 - Sensations

Did you perceive any sensations? Sensations such as chills, warmth, twitches, tingling, ringing in the ears, spinning palms, waves of energy through the body etc. are the most common types. Of course, you are unique and will have unique ways of perception.

2 - Energy Flow

Once you have accepted the attunement, you may be able to perceive a flow of energy. The energy flow may be profound or very subtle - often a knowing is enough to know that the energies are being integrated and flowing properly.

3 - Feeling Ungrounded

Feeling ungrounded after an attunement is a good way of knowing that the attunement has been received. Feeling ungrounded indicates that your energies are slightly out of balance often due to higher vibration energies. You may like the Increase Vitality With The Earth Star Chakra Meditation which is also very grounding.

4 - Detox

Sometimes you may experience very mild detox symptoms following accepting an attunement. This is not the flu or illness, but mild symptoms that indicate you are undergoing clearing of negative energies post attunement. Symptoms may include a mild headache, chills, feeling like you are about to start a cold etc. You may be interested in the blog post Energy Detox And How To Work With It of interest.

5 - Dreams

Having lots of dreams following an attunement usually indicates a deep energetic clearing. Try and identify what the topic of the dream is so you can work with this when you are awake to help the clearing.

If you are in any doubt if your attunement worked or not, please leave a couple of days and then try and accept your attunement again. All attunements that I prepare can be accepted as many times as you like. It is also essential to ensure your intention is firmly set to accept the attunement as if your intention is to accept the attunement, you will receive the attunement.


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