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How To Remove An Attunement

How To Remove An Attunement

Attunements are permanent, in that they do not require additional top-up attunements - one attunement is all that is needed. You need to activate the energies regularly to strengthen the connection, but only one attunement is required to remember or ‘connect’ with the energies.

It is for this reason that energy healing practitioners say that attunements are permanent. However, this does not mean that you are permanently ‘connected’ with the energies if you decide you no longer want the attunement.

You can deattune or remove the attunement at any time. The process of removing an attunement is simple and straightforward. It does not require anything further than a firm intention to remove the attunement.

It is essential to be aware that attunement removal does not remove the energy, but it does remove the ‘connection’, symbols, attachments etc. You are an energy being who is one with all; you can’t delete or remove a part of yourself when you are one with all. You can, however, choose not to ‘connect’ with that energy etc.

There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. So if you regret attuning to an attunement, try and question why you attuned in the first place, what energies attracted you, what your expectations were etc. Learn from this and gain enlightenment.

Why Remove An Attunement?

Attunements aim to offer energetic support. This may be in the short or long term. If you have worked with an attunement and no longer wish to work with the energies any further, you may want to practice some energy healing spring cleaning.

I recommend that you review your energy healing practices regularly, including your attunements.

Energy healing is a journey, and you may find that you reach a place where you no longer feel that specific attunements are in your alignment. This is fine as you will have changed and energetically progressed since you attuned yourself.

If an attunement, for any reason, is no longer in your highest good, you may want to remove the attunement.

Unfortunately, not all attunements are created equal or are from the light. Sometimes with time, you may realise through your intuition or investigation, that the energies of the attunement are not of the light or the attunement founders practices are not of the light. You may choose to remove these attunements.

This is an essential consideration as if an attunement founder is not working with light; this may be their spiritual practices or even their integrity, you are associating with these energies. Again, I would recommend that you review your attunements regularly.

How To Remove An Attunement

As mentioned, the removal of an attunement is easy and straightforward. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity; this method is very effective.

The preparation for the attunement removal is the same as accepting an attunement. You should start by setting your intention to remove the attunement. Hold in your mind the name of the attunement and build the feeling of wholeheartedly wanting to remove the attunement.

Create a calm and tranquil sacred space and find a comfortable position. When you are relaxed, with your wholehearted intention, state the following:

'I remove the [NAME THE ATTUNEMENT AND ANY LEVELS], including all symbols, connections, lineages and associations NOW!'

Let the energies flow for a few minutes while holding your intention. Please feel free to add any other variations to this intention statement. It will always work as long as you set a clear and specific intention.

I find that it is also helpful to give thanks to the energies, founder or for any discoveries or enlightenment you may have gained. If the attunement was negative, then perhaps give thanks for the insights and any discoveries. Remember, all experiences are beneficial if you gain insights and enlightenment.

Attunement Removal Dynamic Empowerment (Free Self Attunement)

You do not need an attunement to remove an attunement. The details on this blog are all you need to remove any attunement. However, clients have requested that I create an attunement to remove an attunement.

The Attunement Removal Dynamic Empowerment, a free self attunement, contains the information on this page and a self attunement (you attune yourself to the attunement) which aims to remove and deattune you from any attunement you no longer wish to connect.

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