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Are Attunements Necessary?

Are attunements necessary?

It can be easy to assume that attunements are necessary or even essential to practice energy healing. Afterall, attunements are very popular in energy healing circles. However, are attunements necessary to work with subtle energies and practice energy healing?

Are Attunements Necessary?

Many forms of energy healing rely on attunements to connect with the energies the founder used in the modality. The attunement may also include levels and symbols, which also helps bring structure to an energy healing modality. Attunements aim to bring uniformity to the energy healing modality and allow more certainty that the energy healing modality remains as the founder intended.

Attunements are easy to use energetic tools. Energetic tools aim to assist and help; however, attunements are not necessary to practice energy healing. You do not need an attunement to connect with subtle energies or angels and other energetic beings' energies.

If you have the skills to access energies and work with your learned experiences, you can access any subtle energies for energy healing purposes. Typically you enter a meditative state and use your intention and knowledge of what you want to access or create and work from there. Your intention is key to all energy healing, and it is through intention that you can connect with energies.

Connecting with energies without the use of attunements may require a lot of practice, confidence and persistence. It is for this reason; attunements are popular as they may help to fast track this process. Working with attunements still takes practice and perseverance; however, the time it takes maybe drastically reduced. This is one of the key benefits of working with attunements.

I want to mention that established energy healing modalities will require you to have accepted and worked with their attunements, especially if you're going to practice in a professional capacity. This aims to ensure all practitioners have the same training and have worked with the modalities energies as created by the founder.

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