What Is Spiritual Energy?

What Is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual energy is the energy that is not explicitly associated with the functions of your energy bodies (aura, chakras, meridians, kundalini etc.). It is the energy of your being that is predominantly outside of your energy bodies, although spiritual energy does infuse your entire being. 

Your spiritual energy is integral to who you are as an energy being. It is instrumental in connecting and interacting with the spiritual realms and the wider energies of the universe and far beyond. Well maintained spiritual energy is essential as it will impact your spiritual potential in this life. 

Spiritual energy sustains you spiritually and is a vital aspect of your spiritual development and evolution. For this reason, maintaining a high vibration may be beneficial in spiritual expansion and gaining discoveries, which may enhance your spiritual evolution. 

Healthy spiritual energy flows sustainably and effectively in the energetic and spiritual domains around you. Sustained spiritual energy flow is essential as this may prevent blockages and ensure your vibration is high. 

Sometimes non-serving energies may infiltrate your spiritual energy and should be removed regularly. Non-serving energies that may need to be removed are any energies that are not spiritual energy and are non-serving.

Examples of this may be practising unsafe energy healing and spiritual techniques, working with lower vibration beings or actioning egoic interests.

If you work with attunements, and want to focus on your spiritual energy, you may like to consider spiritual energy attunements.

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