What Is The Violet Flame?

What Is The Violet Flame?

There are many different understandings of what the violet flame is, depending on spiritual practice and viewpoint. I like to strip back the layers and focus on the core aspects.

What Is The Violet Flame?

At its core, the violet flame is an energy stream that aims to connect spirit with matter. Violet flame energy is highly adaptable and can work between different energetic densities and dimensions while maintaining its high vibration. This, in part, allows violet flame energy to bridge the energetic and dimensional gaps between spirit and matter.

However, violet flame energy is more than just a bridge; it is an integrated conduit that aims to provide a cross vibrational and dimensional between spirit and matter. Thus, it can be seen as a catalyst for change. 

Violet flame energies contain vast amounts of universal information. When you gain spiritual discoveries through working with change, you add your unique discovery and perspective to the universal information. 

When you gain universal information and experience a new spiritual understanding, you may experience moments of enlightenment. This may enhance your spiritual development and further accelerate your spiritual awareness.

Violet flame energies are often associated with the ascended masters. While the ascended masters are not part of the actual violet flame energies - you can work with the violet flame energies without working with the ascended masters - you may be able to connect with them more accessible if you choose by working with these energies. 

The energies of the violet flame are exceptionally purifying, loving, transmutative and high vibration. This makes these energies an excellent addition to energy healing practices as they are adaptable, supportive, nurturing, yet can challenge you to work with change and, in so doing, stimulate further spiritual discoveries and development. 

Violet Flame Attunements

If you work with attunements, there are many violet flame attunements you may find interesting. In particular if you are looking for a pure and dynamic energetic connection to violet flame energies, you should consider the Dynamic Violet Flame Connections Maintenance Attunement.

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