What Are Potential Attunements?

What Are Potential Attunements?

Potential Attunements are an advanced, safe, cutting edge attunement (spiritual tool) to access energies at the highest levels of potential to enhance spiritual development and evolution.

Potential Attunements represent the natural evolution of energy healing as consciousness expands and moves past the restrictions of 3D. Potential Attunements bypass any inherent safety issues that may arise when using 3D structured techniques such as channelling etc.

A Potential Attunement does not channel, connect with or influence the accessed energies. Therefore, there is no attunement lineage or energetic connection with the founder or energetic influences that may be associated with the attunement.

When you accept the Potential Attunement, you do so directly from potential. You remember the energies rather than receive or channel them at this limitless energetic state. This is a significant safety feature. A Potential Attunement aims to ensure you access pure, high vibration energies of light by completely bypassing the founder, energy beings, spirit guides, negative energies, imprints, spirit and source.

I created Potential Attunements © in 2013, during a sustained period of intensive spiritual acceleration. Since then, I have extensively tested, enhanced and practised working with Potential Attunements to ensure their energetic and spiritual integrity, safety and effectiveness.

What Is Potential?

Potential is a force that is everything yet nothing. It has no form; however, it permeates and directs all form. Potential is the moment before creation where consciousness does not exist, yet can create all form. In this space of everything and nothing, creation can miraculously spring forth.

Spirit and source energy come from potential. With this in mind, accessing potential bypasses the issues of source and spirit, namely influence from energy beings, founders, lineage. Spirit is not just pure, high vibration energy. It is impacted by positive and non-serving intention, energy beings etc., whereas potential is not.

Potential is not observable or describable; it is not subject to consciousness. Thought and reason can't function within it, or it becomes conscious. Instead, you achieve potential by being in its presence. When you disconnect your consciousness and be, you become potential (if you think and question if you have achieved potential, you have not). You are everything. You are one with all as potential is the nothingness that created everything.

When you raise your vibration and enter potential, you become a powerful (unconscious) creator. You know your true identity. A process of remembering occurs where a strong knowing swells within you, as your being recognises and remembers it is not an individual.

Potential Attunement Benefits

The benefits of Potential Attunements are wide-ranging and energetically profound.

  • Potential Attunements are custom attunements, which are created to match and suit your unique energy signatures perfectly. From the point of acceptance, Potential Attunements complement and support your unique energy signatures.
  • Potential Attunements honour and support your uniqueness. You will not access energies that are not perfectly matched to you - why would you want to access energies, and restrict your spiritual development, that everyone else does.
  • There is a significant reduction in energetic detox experiences (if any), it reduces energetic assimilation and integration times, and although the attunement will be structured, it will be energetically unique. No other Potential Attunement will be precisely the same.
  • Potential Attunements are open-ended and limitless. The custom aspect of the Potential Attunement means that in addition to the structure of the attunement (what the attunement aims to do), you will have unlimited potential in how the attunement may energetically support you working towards the objectives of the attunement.
  • You accept Potential Attunements at the highest levels. This means that you are not accessing energies in realms with influences, such as the spiritual realm or even source. Instead, you are accessing energies at potential.
  • Potential Attunements can be accepted as often as you like, lasting indefinitely.

Potential Attunements are incredibly safe.

  • As you access Potential Attunement energies at potential there is no influence on the energies. This means that you bypass and altogether avoid any non-serving aspects sometimes associated with regular attunements.
  • Potential Attunements do not connect you energetically with me (the attunement founder). This ensures there is no personal connection, eliminating energetic drain, influence, and imprinting. Some attunement founders intentionally intended to receive energy from every attunement they created. Energy vampirism is not possible with Potential Attunements.
  • Potential Attunements have no lineage. You are not accepting the attunement from me; therefore, there is no lineage. This is a huge safety benefit, as lineages are energetic connections that are not always of the light and may cause significant energetic harm, energetic vampirism etc. Potential Attunements prevent energetic tracking and remote viewing.
  • Potential Attunements do not work with, are created or provided with the influence or assistance of any energy beings, spirit guides etc. This is another considerable safety benefit as regular attunements allow for this influence. You have no way of knowing what impact this may have on your energies and if, indeed, the attunement you are accepting is the one you think that you are accepting or it may simply be corrupted. Potential Attunements prevent this.
  • Potential Attunements are incorruptible and can't be infiltrated, attacked, changed or influenced by external energies, both deliberately or inadvertently. A Potential Attunement can't be seen or detected energetically, which means it can't be controlled or copied. The Potential Attunement you accept can't be cloned or mirrored - you are the only one who can accept your Potential Attunement. If you think of a regular attunement as a key that unlocks a locked door, a Potential Attunement would be facial recognition (Potential Attunements match your energy signatures). No one else can access these unique energies except you.
  • Potential Attunements can't be affected by or contain non-serving energies, curses, spells, black magic, entities, ETs etc. Potential Attunements are accessed in potential, which means these non-serving issues have no impact as they do not exist in potential. Potential Attunements are only able to access energies of light.

Personal Use Only

Potential Attunements are created for your personal use.

Passing On Or Reselling

Potential Attunements are not only custom made to precisely match your energy signatures but are created for your personal use and spiritual development. As such, you can't pass on or resell Potential Attunements. Not all energies can or should be passed on to others, which is standard practice and philosophy in some ancient beliefs.

Potential Attunements honour your uniqueness and are a limitless blessing for you and your spiritual development and evolution. Potential Attunements are exclusively available at Blissful Light. All rights (including commercial rights) are reserved.

Energy Healing Treatments

Although Potential Attunements are custom attunements made especially for you, your energy frequencies, and your personal use, you can use the energies in energy healing treatments for others. However, the focus of the Potential Attunements manual is on your personal use.


Based on the considerable energetic and spiritual benefits, I would always recommend working with Potential Attunements over other types of attunements. Potential Attunements offer an advanced and safe way of accessing energies that nurture and support your uniqueness and enhance your spiritual development without compromising energetic safety.

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