Questions And Answers About Blissful Light Reiki

Questions And Answers About Blissful Light Reiki

The Blissful Light Reiki attunements are very popular and a client favourite.

In many ways, Blissful Light Reiki is what Blissful Light is all about; the energies aim to honour your uniqueness, are kind, loving, supportive and enhance your spiritual development.

The energies and structure of Blissful Light Reiki have no symbols, excessive structure, and influences added over the years that some more traditional Reiki modalities may contain.

Blissful Light Reiki aims to boost your self-confidence in working with energies to build trust in your energy healing abilities.

Questions And Answers About Blissful Light Reiki

Before I dive in to provide questions and answers about Blissful Light Reiki, there are a few things to consider about energy healing.

You are a unique being, which means that any experiences will be unique to you - they will be what is suitable for you at that moment.

With this in mind, it is essential not to compare your experiences to others and past experiences with energy healing and attunements.

How many attunements does Blissful Light Reiki have?

Blissful Light Reiki has three attunements.

There are three levels, each with an attunement.

I decided to have three attunements to allow a more structured and consistent way of working through the manual's content to benefit those with no or minimal energy healing experience.

Do I have to wait 21 days between accepting each Blissful Light Reiki attunement?

You do not need to wait 21 days between accepting each Blissful Light Attunement.

In some traditional Reiki systems, you wait 21 days between accepting each attunement allowing the energies to integrate into each of the main chakras.

However, I have found that the 21 days are arbitrary and unnecessary as the energy integration tends to happen almost immediately, although regular use of the energies is still essential.

Why does Blissful Light Reiki have no symbols?

Reiki symbols represent the energies they intend to activate. Unfortunately, beginners tend to have more problems working with symbols than the benefits they may bring.

This is due to some pressure to draw or imagine the symbol perfectly, draw it a specific way and in a particular sequence. This is not necessary and often wholly distracts you from what you want to achieve by activating the energies in the first place.

Why focus and spend time and concern on getting the symbol correct when you can activate the energies with your intention, gaining possible benefits immediately.

Working without symbols may also speed up the process of activating the energies.

You may also find that it allows broader energy to activate, other than what was defined in a limited way by the symbol.

Can I accept all three Blissful Light Reiki attunements simultaneously?

Yes, you can accept the three Blissful Light Reiki attunements simultaneously.

However, I would recommend most beginners to accept the attunements one after the other with at least a day between accepting the attunements.

This recommendation is to allow you to gain experience in accepting attunements and get a better awareness of the flow of energies and functions each attunement may bring.

Does Blissful Light Reiki cause clearing detox symptoms?

You are a unique being, so your working experience with Blissful Light Reiki will be unique to you.

However, Blissful Light Reiki is designed not to cause detox clearing symptoms.

This is partly due to the high vibration of the energies and the intention used to create the modality.

Can I use traditional Reiki hand positions with Blissful Light Reiki?

Blissful Light Reiki uses your intention to activate and work with the energies.

Therefore, specific hand positions and structured hand position placements and steps are not required or necessary and are not included in the manual.

However, you can use traditional Reiki hand positions if you know them and feel more comfortable with the structure they provide.

If this is the case, I would recommend that you still try and work with the energies as described in the manual to gain as much experience as possible.

Can you combine Blissful Light Reiki with other attunements?

You can combine the energies of Blissful Light Reiki with any other attunement or energies.

When you start with Blissful Light Reiki, I would recommend that you do not combine the energies, to begin with, as this will allow you to get used to and work with the energies with more clarity; however, with more experience, you can start to combine energies as you feel is best for you.

Must I do a daily self-treatment?

Following accepting your attunements, I recommend using the energies of Blissful Light Reiki as often as possible.

This may be structured each day and or as and when it feels required throughout the day.

The more you work with the energies, the more the energies integrate, and importantly, the more potential you have in gaining insights and spiritual discoveries.

Through these discoveries, you may grow, develop, and move forward as you work with any change they may bring you.

What attunements would you recommend considering following Blissful Light Reiki?

Once you have worked with Blissful Light Reiki for some time, you may want to gain more energy healing experience and advancement working with other modalities.

If this is the case, and you would like to experience different energies that advance what you have already learned, you should consider Niemakaiha.

Niemakaiha is an advanced modality aiming to advance further and accelerate your spiritual development and evolution.


Blissful Light Reiki is a beautiful modality for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

You should consider Blissful Light Reiki if your intuition guides you or if you want a Reiki modality that honours your uniqueness and is safe and uncomplicated yet advanced in its application and way of working with energies.

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