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Can You Prevent Attunements Mixing Energies?

Can You Prevent Attunements Mixing Energies?

When you work with multiple attunements, you will find that each is unique. Each attunement will perhaps work differently, bring in different energies, use different activation methods etc.

With time you will work with attunement in the way that works best for you, and this adds another interesting dynamic to working with attunements.

When you work with multiple attunements, you will be working with different energies.

In many ways, this may be precisely what you want to achieve. It may allow you to be very creative in the selection of energies and how you choose to work with them.

However, there may be occasions when you do not want to mix energies. Can you prevent attunements mixing energies?

Can You Prevent Attunements Mixing Energies?

The answer to this question is surprisingly contradictory. Yes, you can prevent the energies of attunements mixing.

You can do this by setting your intention to prevent this. Then when activating the attunements, leave some time between activations.

There may be times where this is beneficial, especially when a situation requires a mix of different frequency energies at different times.

The contradictory part of preventing attunement energies from mixing is that you can’t separate energies. You are one with all, so you already are all the energies you are trying to separate. It is not energetically possible.

The key to understanding this contradiction is down to your intention. If you want to activate specific energy for a particular reason, this is fine. However, if your intention to prevent energies from mixing is based on fear, then this may suggest an underlying issue.

As an example, if you work with a lot of energy but hate Reiki energy (I am stressing energy and not practice) and want to remove it from your very being (due to any reason) and the energies you channel, this is not possible.

The issue is not the Reiki energy per se, but rather the fear that drives the intention. I want to mention that some practitioners do not work with Reiki energy, and that is fine.

You cant remove energies, but you can select what you want to use. The nuance is always in the intention.

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