Why Irritation Should Never Be Ignored

Why Irritation Should Never Be Ignored

Why irritation should never be ignored sounds a bit strange, you see irritation is an emotion that does not get enough attention.

Feeling irritated can be draining and unpleasant for you and those around you.

It feels uncomfortable and causes you to feel agitated, grumpy and energetically unbalanced.

Even though the physical and emotional discomfort irritation brings, it is often ignored.

We are taught to push it away from us, bottle it up or just avoid it. Irritation is not seen as anything other than something that is annoying. An annoyance that must be ignored until it passes.

Irritation is a secondary emotion that arises from anger.

Irritation is a secondary emotion that arises from anger. Other secondary emotions arising from anger are disgust, envy, and rage.

Can you see how significant irritation is?!

Why Irritation Should Never Be Ignored

I love irritation. I know this sounds surprising! Let me explain.

I do not love the actual emotion, sensations, and effects it has on my energy and those around me. Instead, I love the gifts that irritation brings.

As soon as I feel the slightest bit of irritation, I stop what I am doing and observe. I observe how I feel, bodily sensations and any event that stimulated the irritation.

I do this as irritation is the supreme emotion that brings to your attention things that require your focus — things that require a change to keep you in alignment and speaking your truth.

If caught and identified early, irritation can be used as a tool to identify areas that need change.

It can be used to prevent energetic consequences of ignoring your truth and going down a path that is not in your best interests.

If you look at it differently, irritation is your first warning sign that you need to stop and focus on what your truth is.

When we feel a shift in our perception and start to see a new truth that upsets our already held views, we may begin to feel irritated.

We may begin to blame others or even, often subtly, try and force others to see things our way.

Irritation can be used to identify something we fear (usually change) and bring about a new understanding or truth.

Talk about a significant spiritual warning sign and advantage if you use it.

How You Can Use Irritation To Find A New Truth

At the very first sign of feeling irritated, stop and observe.

As mentioned above, observe your emotions, bodily sensations and the event that triggered the irritation.

You are trying to identify where any discomfort or irritation originates.

Once identified ask questions about why you feel what you feel.

What does it mean to you that you felt the irritation in a particular place in your body?

Why did the event cause you to feel irritated by identifying any fear?

Keep questioning until you identify what it is within you that felt fearful.

Once recognised work through the reasons. Start the process of clearing non-serving emotions, thoughts and energies.

Use any shift in perception as a wonderful way to review some of your beliefs that may be holding you back or need changing.

The more you work through these irritations and discomfort the more you grow and prevent spiritual stagnation. Spiritual stagnation is a lack of spiritual growth that may result in repeated experiences until you learn from it.

Whenever I find myself feeling any form of resistance to change I like to remind myself of the following:

Don’t hold on to anything you perceive as truth as you are holding on to your ego which is an illusion.

I find this is enough to make me stop dead in my tracks and question what it is that I am holding on!

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