What Is My Life Purpose?

What Is My Life Purpose?

As a human, you have a deep need to express yourself. Perhaps you express yourself through art, decorating (yourself and home), hobbies, jobs, travel, the food you eat and prepare and the list goes on. You are blessed to be able to have so many ways of expressing who you are and what you feel and believe. Through expression, you feel that you gain purpose. This feeling of purpose gives you an initial sense of self-worth, belonging, and contributing, breaking above the deafening inner noise of irrelevance. The nagging feeling that despite all your expression you may not be entirely fulfilled, doing what you should be doing, or making a difference. Continually looking for things outside of yourself to silence once and for all the relentless inner void of unfulfillment. You may ask yourself questions like, does my life make any difference to my family, community, the world? If I die now how long will I be remembered for, if at all? Is there a point to my existence? What can I do to get real meaning in my life? What is my life purpose?

In trying to answer these questions, you seek out things that you think and hope must give your life purpose. Then after spending a lot of time thinking and worrying about this, you realise that the way you choose to express yourself and your life does not give you purpose. You may suddenly recognise that you and your life are not yours. Oscar Wilde summed it up perfectly when he said:

‘Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.’

I love this quote as it lays bare the truth you may have long suspected. If my passion or expression is a someone else's quotation, then what on earth is my life purpose? This is a big multi-million dollar industry question. The truth is that you will always have wonderful ways to express yourself and find a superficial purpose. There is still a lot of value in this, especially if you are making a difference in the betterment of other people's lives and this planet. But, if you are looking for these expressions to give you true inner fulfilment, you may be disappointed. So what is the purpose of your life?

What Is My Life Purpose?

The core purpose of your life is to discover every experience. Live your life in the now and discover things in every single event, thought, action, reaction, and interaction. But, how on earth can this be a profound life purpose? You are a unique being. There has been no one like you in the past or will be like you in the future. There is no one like you now. You are a unique expression at this very moment that will never exist again. This is because you are shaped by experiences that only you, at this moment, can experience.

The value that you bring to the universe by experiencing your life is so significant that if you do not, it will never be discovered. It will be lost for all time, never to be experienced. Imagine you found an aspect of human nature that was never perceived before. This experience is added to the universe as it is now known. If you did not have the experience, it would be unknowable, never to be experienced. Is there a higher purpose than expanding the universal consciousness of our planet and reality? No, I don’t think there is.

Putting This Into Practise

We are all one. This means you are me and I am you. We are also aspects of the divine. With this knowing, it is impossible to feel inferior or put yourself down. Any experience, good or bad, has incredible value. So with this in mind, always ask yourself what can I learn at this moment (3 Questions To Ask For Powerful Self-Reflection). Try and not just focus on the world around you, but also your inner workings. Some of the most significant discoveries can come from acknowledging and then working with change in your life (How To Work With Change). The truth is that to get a profound discovery in life; you need some form of friction. So don’t shy away from change or challenge. Confront them with the power of knowing that your unique experience and discoveries of the change fulfils your purpose and adds to the unfolding consciousness of our planet and the universe.

When you place value on discovering from your experiences, you will find that you gain a deep meaning and fulfilment at the potential level. The potential level is the aspect of you where we are all one. When working at this level, you will find a much deeper connection to life and develop a new excitement and appreciation for your incredible purpose. Forget about life purpose; this is your ultimate purpose.


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