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How Long Do Chi Ball Attunements Last For?

How Long Do Chi Ball Attunements Last For?

A common question asked about chi ball attunements is how long do chi ball attunements last for once they have been prepared? Or is there a time frame that you have to accept chi ball attunements in before they stop working?

The quick answer to these questions is no; there are no time limits to accept a chi ball attunement (How To A Chi Ball Attunement). Once a chi ball attunement has been prepared, they can wait to be accepted indefinitely. The energies of the chi ball attunement will remain complete until the moment you accept the energies.

Why Can Chi Ball Attunements Last Indefinitely?

Chi ball attunement can last indefinitely because in energy there is no such thing as linear time. Energetically speaking time is stacked up on top of each other. So the past is in the present and so is the future. I know it is a bit of a mind bender if you are just starting with energy healing! So with this in mind, any attunements that have been prepared for you in the ‘past’ will always be ready for you in the present, no matter how much linear time has passed.

As an example, last week I accepted a chi ball attunement that had been prepared for me over four years ago. The energies were strong, clear, and of a high vibration. There was no reduction in its strength. I know this as I compared the energies to the energies I activated after the attunement. The energies flowed very well and achieved what they were meant to accomplish.


The only exceptions to this will be determined by the intention of the person creating the attunement. What this means is that when the attunement is prepared, it is possible to program the energies to do certain things, like only last for a certain amount of time. In this case, the person preparing the attunement has put limits on the availability of the energies of the attunement. So it is always best to ask the person preparing the attunement if this is the case.

All chi ball attunements that I prepare at Blissful Light have no time limits placed on them and will always be available to you whenever you are ready to accept them.


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