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Which Attunement To Accept First?

Which Attunement To Accept First?

When you have chosen and purchased multiple attunements, it can sometimes be challenging to know which attunement to accept first. It can become even more challenging when you have multiple attunements that focus on different topic areas. This type of confusion can sometimes delay your progress or cause you to doubt your objectives or what you want to achieve.

Which Attunement To Accept First?

Understandably, you want to get the most out of every attunement you purchase. You want to achieve the best results and don't want to cause any issues or slow your progress by accepting the incorrect attunement first. You may also want to work with an attunement sequence that may provide the fastest results.

These are all legitimate concerns to have; however, I want to reassure you that there are never any mistakes or wrong choices regarding deciding which attunement to accept first or creating the most complimentary attunement sequence. All experiences are legitimate and provide spiritual discoveries, so I would urge you not to be concerned about making a mistake - there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.

However, there are some things to consider when choosing which attunement to accept first. The number one thing to do is listen to your intuition. This is essential in all energy healing practices. Choosing which attunement to accept first will always be a personal choice to you unless it is expressly required. Some attunement modalities (energy healing systems typically with multiple levels and attunements) may require that you accept your attunements in a specific order; however, this will be stated in the manual).

Attunement sequences are personal and will be as unique as you are. If you want to start with an attunement, then begin with that attunement. If your intuition is not clear or unsure where to start, then the following suggestions may help.

Multiple Attunements Of The Same Topic

If your attunements all focus on the same or similar topic area, you may want to start with an attunement that is the most all-rounded or gives the best grounding in the topic area. Then select attunements that are more specific depending on what it is your want to achieve.

For example, suppose you purchased multiple shamanic attunements. In that case, you may want to start with a more general attunement such as the Shamanic Activation Maintenance Attunement and then move onto something more specific like the Soul Retrieval Maintenance Attunement. This type of attunement sequencing builds on a solid, more general shamanic base and becomes more focused.

Multiple Attunements Of Different Topics

It can be more challenging to know which attunement to accept first when you have multiple topic area attunements. If this is the case, it may be best to start with the broader type of attunements or modalities first and then become more specific. This can be done on topic areas or even based on the vibration of the energies. If you are not sure of the attunement sequence, it is sometimes best to end with the highest vibration attunements. This allows an attunement sequence that builds on energetic vibration from the beginning until you accept the final attunement.

I want to mention one final thought: try and remain as flexible as possible regarding attunement sequence scheduling. If you plan to accept an attunement on a specific day, and on the day it doesn't feel right and want to change the schedule, you should. Always work with attunements in the flow, allowing your intuition to guide you, accepting the attunement at the time it feels right. This tends to result in the best experiences and profound spiritual discoveries.

As with every energy healing practice, you will become more aware of the attunement you want to accept first and then build the most appropriate attunement sequence with practice and experience.

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