Overcoming Stagnation (Is The Grass Greener?)

Overcoming Stagnation And Being Stuck In A Rut (Is The Grass Really Greener?)

As you mature in your life, your needs also mature with you and change. Due to this, you may find that what you are pursuing or are desiring doesn’t fit in with your values any longer. Your life may feel stagnant and even dull. You may begin to wonder whether other people have more fulfilling life experiences than you do. As you get used to the role that you play in your life and become comfortable where you live, you may begin to feel a bit restless. You may realise that to become aware of what you want; you may have to remove yourself from your current environment or life situation.

Overcoming Stagnation (Is The Grass Greener?)

At times in your life, you may be chasing the old you, and not allowing for the new you to come forward and emerge. You may be chasing after the things you once knew or are trying to have the life that you once had. By taking yourself out of your current life for a while and maybe even revisiting the places where you once lived, you may realise that that lifestyle is no longer suitable for you. That old life may no longer suit your current needs as your priorities have changed.

That is why changing your scenery from time to time can be so therapeutic. Travelling can be a great way to get you out of a rut or can help you to make a difficult decision or a choice. Furthermore, travelling may prevent spiritual stagnation if you find yourself unable to make a decision or are unable to move forward with your life. Taking yourself out of your familiar environment may allow for that necessary breathing space. It enables you to view your whole life from a completely different perspective through the comparison of how other people live. Through travelling, changing scenery and exploration, you can free up a lot of stagnant mental energy. This process can help you to see your life with greater clarity and direct your focus on what is most important.

Tourists that come to visit the area that you live in will often say many positive things about your environment. They will show their amazement at how wonderful your life is. That is because, at that moment, a tourist possesses a raw perception of your environment and sees its value. You may perceive your surroundings differently simply because you have become used to your situation and lifestyle. To you, the area that you live in is ordinary.

By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring different places, perspectives and cultures, you may realise that what you already have is precious. You may find that the life you are currently leading suits your needs perfectly. You may not even need to change as much as you previously thought. Your life becomes perfect. You had that ideal life all along which feeds you and supports you in every possible way. You just hadn’t realised it until you went out to explore other places and other cultures. As a result of your travels and discoveries, you may realise that you already poses all of the fulfilment that you seek.


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