What Are The Differences Between An Attunement And A Treatment?

What Are The Differences Between An Attunement And A Treatment?

When you start learning about energy healing, you will come across two ways of accessing or receiving energy for healing purposes. The two main methods are either via an attunement (What Are Attunements?) or during an energy healing treatment. Both attunements and treatments provide different ways to gain access to and benefits from energies that can be used for energy healing. Each approach has certain advantages and uses. But what are the differences between an attunement and a treatment?

Differences Between An Attunement And A Treatment

The following table details the main differences between an attunement and a treatment.



      • Permanent access to the energy.

      • You must accept the attunement (meditation).

      • You must activate the energy following the attunement.

      • You learn how to use the energies.

      • Most attunements you can teach and attune others to it.

      • You get the lineage or a certificate of completion.

      • You may be able to use the energies on yourself and others in a personal or professional capacity.

      • Receive the energies once during the treatment.

      • You do not do anything.

      • You can't reaccess the energy by yourself following your treatment.

      • You have no learning requirement.

      • You can't teach others how to use and access the energies.

      • You do not get the lineage or a certificate.

      • Sometimes treatments are best when you can't work on yourself.

      How To Decide If An Attunement Or A Treatment Is Best

      This will be a personal decision as some just instinctively know what the best solution for them is. If you are uncertain, though, then it is best to start by asking yourself if you want to be responsible for learning and accessing the energies or would you prefer someone else to do it for you.

      If you want to learn how to use energies and have the freedom and flexibility to access and use the energies for the rest of your life, then an attunement is for you. If you want someone else to access the energies on your behalf, without the need to learn or be active in the process, then treatments are probably your best choice. Also, if you just want an energetic tune-up or different perspective, then a treatment would also be your best bet.

      I personally like attunements as it allows me to take action (What Does Healing Mean?), which is very important in healing. Attunements allow me to use the energies when I want and not just during a scheduled time that may not be best for me. I am a big fan of working spontaneously when spirit moves me. 

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      What are the differences between an attunement and a treatment?


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