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What Is Divine Love?

What Is Divine Love?

Divine love is a term used in energy healing, spiritual practice, and religious circles.

Divine love tends to have different meanings, depending on your viewpoint or belief system. So what is divine love?

What Is Divine Love?

Divine love has two meanings; it is an energy and an action (expression).

Divine love energy flows and permeates everything. It is similar to the universal life force, except higher vibration that focuses on love, creation, and support.

Its application is extensive and is not limited to life as we may know it but permeates everything across dimensions. It is the energy that aims to connect you with the universe's infinite nature.

The energy is often described as god’s love, where you may feel the true love of god. Of course, god will be different to many peoples; however, the kind of love being described is the same. It is, in many ways, the universal love that extends to human beings from the infinite.

That said, divine love is not a one-sided energy. It is also an energy that establishes and maintains wonderful two-way connections. Connections, in this sense, are not cords or attachments but rather an enveloping oneness.

The energies do not seek to give your power away to the infinite; you are not in any way a victim or even subordinate.

On the contrary, you are a divine being in your own right. Divine love honors this and does not empower either more than the other. Divine love is an energy of equality.

Expressions Of Divine Love

Divine love as action involves movement or expression. Letting divine love flow is one thing, but you must take action to connect with and gain the benefits.

Taking action has an extensive application and can be as grand or small as necessary. It is the movement forward that is the catalyst for gaining spiritual discoveries.

Movement requires action. The nature of divine love is intricately linked to movement. It is the energy associated with creativity and expression.

Divine love manifests possibilities when you create and express yourself with love and integrity. You are a direct channel of divine love, which may bring comfort, healing, and support to you and anyone who receives it.

Divine love, on a practical level, is often expressed as unconditional love. It activates the Heart Chakra yet can flow through your entire being. It acknowledges oneness and does not judge or separate. It is the basis of what equality means.

You should note that expressing divine love does not mean you must be submissive, not speak your truth or be sacrificial or a martyr - quite the opposite.

Instead, you should always stand in your personal power and speak your truth while expressing divine love with integrity and kindness.

Energy Healing And Divine Love

Energy healing works intricately with the qualities of the meaning of divine love. You need to take action to express intention to bring about change and move forward.

This is what divine love teaches: expressing compassion and creativity requires action. It must be expressed, which is the core of what energy healing is all about. Energy healing works with subtle energies to bring about change, which requires action.

While working with the core qualities of what it is to be an energy healer is essential, attunements are tools that may be helpful. Of course, you do not need attunements to access divine love. Instead, attunements aim to offer tools to help you on your spiritual path and healing work.

If you work with attunements and want to deepen your connection with divine love and the infinite universe, consider the following divine love attunements.

The Divine Love Healing Maintenance Attunement, in particular, aims to connect you with and strengthen your connection with divine love and can be used for healing, energetic restoration, and spiritual development.

Final Thoughts

Divine love is a fundamental part of the human experience. It offers a way to experience and express unconditional true love without dogma, belief, or complicated structure.

The more you work with divine love, the more you can positively impact those around you and enhance your spiritual development.

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