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Divine Love

Divine love attunements aim to assist in connecting with or working with divine love.

Divine love is a two-way energy connection that aims to connect with divine love energy and equally to take action and better understand oneness.

The energies are supportive, loving, and focused on equality, yet they may assist in powerful, energetic spiritual transformation, growth, and development. 

If you are looking for an attunement to help you work with divine love energy, I recommend considering the Divine Love Healing Maintenance Attunement

You may also be interested in Blissful Light attunements, as Blissful Light energy beautifully works with and complements divine love energies.


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Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement
Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement
Soul Star Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement
Divine Love Healing Maintenance Attunement
Ultimate Abundance Of Love Activation Alignment Treatment
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Heart Chakra Goddess Kuan Yin Integration Treatment
Divine Unity Blessings Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Shakti Connections Maintenance Attunement

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