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It has been an honour to have Craig as my Master Teacher for the Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho course. Although an online course, the journey with Craig was amazingly both professional and personal. Throughout the course, I felt genuinely supported, encouraged and guided on my healing path. Along with his prompt appropriate replies to all my questions, was the warmth, concern and flexibility of a great Teacher. I would highly recommend Blissful Light to any individual seeking a path towards being healed or becoming a professional Healer.

Sarah - Australia

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Should Reiki practitioners work with everyone?

November 21, 2014

A few years ago I was working with a wonderful Reiki practitioner. She was extremely talented, kind and her knowledge and intuition were second to non. I always felt extremely safe when we worked together. One session she shared something that has always stuck with me. She explained that she had felt unsafe working with someone in the past and had declined to work with him. She went on to say that if only she had been a better person and Reiki Master she might have been able to have worked with him. This statement has never left me. It percolated away for weeks in my thoughts and subconscious. How could such a wonderful person and talented and caring Reiki... Continue Reading →

Etheric cords and cord cutting

October 13, 2014

We all have etheric cords, we are even born with them. Etheric cords (sometimes referred to as ethereal cords, energy cords and ribbons) are energy structures that connect into our energy bodies. They extend out of us and connect with other people, places, animals and even objects. We create etheric cords as ways to connect with things that are around us. Etheric cords allow us to feel a connection with what we have corded with. They provide us with a very accurate way to literally connect with and tap into someone else’s energy, which gives us an energetic feedback mechanism. This feedback mechanism allows us to know what others are feeling and perhaps even thinking. Have you ever felt that... Continue Reading →

How true is your truth?

July 27, 2014

This is my truth. The truth about truth is that there is no one truth. Truth has the characteristic of changing. It changes with the shift of your perception. When we shift our perception we see something new. A new truth. As an example, many children believe wholeheartedly in Santa. That is their truth at that time. As children grow up they realise that Santa was not in fact real and with that change in perception their truth changes. In much the same way the perceptions we hold about things in our lives and along our spiritual path may change and that leads to a shift in our truth.This is of course very exciting and something that can happen quite... Continue Reading →