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Divination attunements aim to assist in divining or receiving energetic information often through practices such as tarot, runes, pendulums etc. Divination is a broad topic area; however, the attunements in the divination attunement collection may assist in gaining clear messages, better spiritual connections, and trust in the messages you receive. They may also enhance your divination skills.


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Clairvoyance Maintenance Attunement
Clairtangency Maintenance Attunement
Divination Rite
Divination Rite Sale price$65.00 USD
Tarot Reader Path Alignment Dedication Treatment
Dynamic Infinite Intelligence Connections Maintenance Attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Arcturian Divination Stimulation Treatment
Dynamic Runic Connections Maintenance Attunement
Astrology Path Alignment Dedication Treatment
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Spiritual Divination Enhancement Treatment
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Divination Magic Clearing Treatment
Dynamic Deity Connections Maintenance Attunement
Archangel Gabriel Connection Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Divination Stability Enhancement Treatment
Dynamic Divination Connections Maintenance Attunement
Sacred Etheric Cube Connection Maintenance Attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Divination Enhancement Treatment
Dynamic Zodiac Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Mystical Creatures Connections Maintenance Attunement
Pre-approval Required
Ultimate Divination 999 Spiritual Integration Treatment
Dynamic Morrigan Connections Maintenance Attunement

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