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Subconscious attunements aim to assist in the clearing of non-serving energies and energetic programs from the subconscious mind. Nearly 80% of all your thoughts are done in the subconscious, which means the vast majority of your thoughts are not known to you consciously. If there is a negative energetic subconscious program, this may be having an impact on your daily life, causing you to repeat the same non-serving patterns and reduce your ability to manifest abundance etc. I highly recommend starting with the Subconscious Clearing Maintenance Attunement.

No attunement is in any way meant to replace medical or psychological diagnoses and care. If you are unwell or suspect you may be unwell, you must first seek appropriate medical care before considering any attunements. 


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Love Alignment Maintenance Attunement
Niemakaiha 417 attunement
Niemakaiha 417 Sale price£ 19.99 GBP
Emotional Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Emotional Maintenance Attunement Sale price£ 19.99 GBP
Abundance Maintenance Attunement
Abundance Maintenance Attunement Sale price£ 29.99 GBP
Trauma Clearing Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Entity Clearing Maintenance Attunement
Subconscious Clearing Maintenance Attunement
Archangel Raziel Connection Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Subconscious Purification Support Dynamic Empowerment attunement
Quantum Quattro Realignment Empowerment attunement

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