What Are Rites?

A rite is a spiritual consecration where you make a sacred declaration or acknowledgment of where you are spiritually at this specific moment. It is a beautiful way to acknowledge spirit, your path, and your dedication while bringing in blessings, renewal, and advancement.

Each rite matches a specific event you may experience on your spiritual path. These events may bring new discoveries, experiences, and spiritual growth. They are often deeply personal and significant to you.

Rites are not binding. This means that you are not making a soul contract or promise. Instead, you are honoring, acknowledging, giving thanks, and moving forward. It is a unique way to mark a key stage in your spiritual journey.

The advanced rites provided by Blissful Light honor, acknowledge, and bless your spiritual path at the highest levels of potential. You may bring significant advancement, healing, and blessings at this level. It is above your higher self, is completely safe, and can’t be influenced.

Potential is a force that creation and manifestation come from. It is the moment before creation, where there is nothing but everything. The potential of the universe springs forth from this force.

The rites grow and develop over time as you continue to explore your path, grow and gain discoveries. You strengthen the rite by remaining committed to your spiritual development.