What Is A Certificate Of Attunement?

A certificate of attunement confirms that you have received the attunement directly from me. 

The certificate of attunement does not in any way infer professional training, teaching ability, mastership, qualification etc. All attunements are provided for personal use.

If you work with lots of attunements, it may be helpful to create a spreadsheet that tracks the attunements you have accepted.

The certificate of attunement will differ depending on the type of attunement. Each product page will make clear which type of attunement will be prepared for you.

Certificate Of Attunement For Custom Potential Attunements

The certificate of attunement for a custom Potential Attunement includes the name of the attunement, date and my signature. It does not include a lineage.

Custom Potential Attunements are created for you and your personal use. They are exclusive to Blissful Light and can’t be passed on, resold and are subject to the Custom Potential Attunement Copyright And Terms.

Certificate Of Attuement For Chi Ball Attunements

The certificate of attunement for a chi ball attunement includes the name of the attunement, lineage (me and you), date, my signature and are able to energetically pass on the attunement if you so wish.

It should be noted that if you do want to pass on, teach or resell any chi ball attunements created by Blissful Light, you will be bound by the Resell and Copyright Terms.