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DNA And Spiritual Awakening

DNA And Spiritual Awakening

Your DNA is the building blocks of who you are. They are your blueprint that stores information about you. Also, external factors such as the environment you live in, the food you eat and even your thoughts may influence your DNA. Light energy may also affect your DNA. As such, your DNA and spiritual awakening, growth and ascension are intricately linked.

DNA And Spiritual Awakening

Spiritually and energetically, your DNA has an important function. It is often assumed that it is the chakras and aura that bring in energies into your being. This is only partly correct. They do bring energy into your being, but It is through your DNA that you integrate light energies fully into your being. This is an essential function as it is through your DNA that you may experience enlightenment and spiritual awakening. It is also why it is so vital to living a lifestyle that protects and nurtures your DNA.

DNA, Universal Information And Light Energy

Light energy is an energy that is of a high vibration. It is often described as love, as love is high vibration energy whereas fear is low vibration energy. Light energy does not seek to destroy dark energy, as dark energy is light energy that has not yet been realised.

As humans, our ultimate purpose is to find discoveries in all that we do. Being a unique being, you are the only one past, present or future that will ever have the discoveries you have. If you do not make the discovery, then it will never be discovered! Discoveries can be anything from understanding why you think, feel, react, behave a certain way etc. It could also be understanding why the universe works in a certain way. Even the smallest discoveries may have huge importance. This is because each discovery is added to the universal light energy. The more discoveries are added, the more the light energy unfolds, and the more the unknown is revealed.

These discoveries are added to the light energy, and the information is made available to all that can access the light energy. Light energy is an infinite database of information. It is your DNA that processes this information.

999 DNA Activation

The 999 DNA Activation attunement aims to activate your spiritual DNA for enlightenment and spiritual awareness and ascension. It aims to safely integrate high vibration light energies and allow for increased intuition.

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