Distant Attunements

What Are Flush Attunements?

What Are Flush Attunements?

When starting with distant attunements, you may be wondering what are flush attunements? Flush attunements are one of several different types of distant attunements.

Flush attunements are usually simple, easy to use attunements that primarily focus on the removal of specific non-serving energy with the aim of bringing about a positive result.

It may be helpful to imagine a simple energetic tool to flush away negative energy. This is why flush attunements are referred to as flushes as they flush away negative energies.

Ordinarily flush attunements focus just on the removal of the negative energies, although some may also replace the removed negative energies with positive energy, depending on what the flush attunement is designed to achieve.

Flush attunements can be accepted both in person or via distance, although most are explicitly designed to be received over distance.

Flush attunements are popular and make great additions to any energy healing practices or as stand-alone attunements to focus on a specific issue or desire.

Flush attunements are perfect for both complete beginners or seasoned energy healers alike.

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