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Plant attunements aim to either assist in the healing of plants or connect you with the energies associated with plants. If you want to work with an attunement that aims to heal plants, I highly recommend the Plant Healing Dynamic Empowerment attunement. You can use these energies to support any flora energetically and can be incorporated into your daily energy healing practices easily. You may also be interested in shamanic, mother earth, nature and animal healing attunements.


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Plant Healing Dynamic Empowerment attunement
Plant Healing Dynamic Empowerment Sale price£ 9.99 GBP
Discounted PackageNewSave 67%
Flower Herb Plant Attunement Package
Flower Herb Plant Attunement Package Sale price£ 29.99 GBP Regular price£ 89.99 GBP
Dynamic Flowers Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Trees Connections Maintenance Attunement, Attunements, Craig MacLennan - Blissful Light
Dynamic Herbs Connections Maintenance Attunement
Dynamic Green Woman Connections Maintenance Attunement

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