What Are Etheric Cords?

Used widely in energy healing and spiritual circles, the term etheric cords is well know. There is usually a misconception that they are all negative or are only used to cause you harm. This is not the case. As with most terms and concepts, some nuances and considerations may help describe and bring a fuller and more informed understanding. With this in mind, what are etheric cords?

What Are Etheric Cords?

Etheric cords are energetic structures. They connect from within your energy bodies (aura, chakras etc.) and extend out and attach to something outside of you. You create them as ways to connect with things that are around you. Etheric cords provide a two-way energetic feedback mechanism that exchanges energies between you and what you have corded.

Different Names For Etheric Cords

Etheric cords are sometimes referred to as cords of attachment, ethereal cords, energy cords, energy healing etheric feedback cords etc.

They are all etheric cords. Some have a specific function, such as energy healing etheric feedback cords. Some are representations of how they are perceived, such as ribbons. Irrespective of their name, they are all energetic structures that provide a two-way feedback mechanism.

What Is The Purpose Of Etheric Cords?

The purpose of etheric cords is to provide you with a two-way energetic feedback mechanism. They provide you with a very accurate way to connect with and perceive the energies of whatever you may have corded. In addition, it allows the person you have corded to perceive your energies as the energies flow both ways between you.

This two-way energetic feedback mechanism lets you know what others are feeling and perhaps even thinking. Consequently, the feedback mechanism works both ways, allowing whatever you cord to receive energetic information from you.

Have you ever felt that you know what a partner or good friend is thinking or feeling? This may, in part, be due to the etheric cord and the two-way energetic feedback.

However, they are not always required in all interactions. There are others ways to gain energetic connections.

How Do You Create Etheric Cords?

You cord whatever you interact with, which may be physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically, and all ways may establish an etheric cord. For example, if you are in physical contact, feel emotions for someone, think about them or have an intention toward someone, you may create an etheric cord. It can be as simple as where you place your focus; you will cord it.

Your intention is essential to how energy healing works and creates etheric cords. You may cord whatever you think about; it is for this reason that it is imperative to be clear about your intentions.

Can I Create Negative Etheric Cords?

When you are not entirely in control of your thoughts or are using specific and controlled intention, it can affect the etheric cords you create. Do not assume all non-serving cords have been sent to you. This is usually not the case.

You may not want the connection; however, you may forget that you are creating a connection when you think about someone, especially if there are intense emotions or thoughts.

For example, you may break up with a partner and want nothing to do with this person. If you harbour any resentment or emotion towards this person, you will cord them as soon as you place your focus and intention on it. You have unintentionally corded the very person you wanted to avoid. It is easy to blame the other person; however, in some cases of non-serving cording, you may have a part to play in their creation.

How Do Etheric Cords Work?

When you interact with someone, you may create an etheric cord. The energetic structure extends out of you (your energies) and connects with the energies of the person you are cording.

Once connected, you will start to receive energetic information from this person. This information is carried back to you and is then perceived and decoded.

They sometimes let you know if you like or dislike someone even before interacting with them. In addition, they strengthen if you get to know this person over time. This makes it easier to pick up their energy and energetic information. This helps keep relationships healthy and is an essential human energetic mechanism allowing you to connect with the world around you.

Where Do Etheric Cords Attach?

Etheric cords can attach anywhere on your energetic body, although certain areas of the body are more common. Each etheric cord attachment location will have some meaning and can give you an idea of what the they may look like and its function and characteristics.

For example, etheric cords that connect at and around the solar plexus chakra (the chakra that concerns personal power) tend to be from cords that attach due to normal daily activities. Etheric cords attached to and around the Sacral Chakra (the chakra that concerns emotions/sex) tend to be associated more with romantic partners. This includes present and past romantic partners (including anyone you fantasise about or have a crush on). Of course, these are just generalisations. You should use your intuition as to how to read them.

Are All Etheric Cords Bad?

No, the majority of etheric cords are positive as they are essential energetic structures that may assist in establishing strong and close relationships. 

However, when you have corded someone, the energies will flow in both directions; it is essential to be aware that cords are not always positive. Sometimes you can take someone's energy or have yours taken, resulting in energy-draining. Therefore, it is vital to ensure they are healthy and maintained.

What Can You Cord?

Etheric cords allow you to gain and feel an energetic connection with whatever you connect with through a two-way energetic feedback mechanism.

You can create etheric cords with other people, places, animals, objects, situations and past events. They can even exist between different dimensions.


Healthy etheric cords are essential for your relationships. However, there are times when they can be non-serving. This means that they no longer connect you positively with others and start to be counterproductive.

Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone who is no longer in your life and was not good for you? This could very well be because there is still a cord between you and are still energetically attached. You are still receiving energetic information from this person and vice versa.


Sometimes you want to break the energetic connection with someone. You want this, except you harbour strong emotions towards them. If you have unforgiveness or worse, you wish the other person harm; you will not be able to remain free of non-serving cords. You will be cording the other person every time you want to harm them.

There is no way around this. Intention is energy. Where you place your intention and focus, you will cord depending on the energies within you. If you have love in your heart, the cord will be positive; if not, it will be non-serving. Forgiveness will release non-serving etheric cords. Unforgiveness will maintain non-serving ones no matter how much you want to remove them.

If you are working on forgiveness, you may be interested in the Forgiveness And The Thymus Chakra Exercise which may be of assistance.

Energy Vampirism

There may also be times when you feel drained when being around certain people. We have all been with people that leave us feeling drained after being in their company. Cording may very often attribute to this, where the cord is not only exchanging energy but is taking energy from you.

A straightforward way to check if cording has occurred is if you can't stop thinking of someone. There may almost certainly be some cording activity if this is the case. It may not always be non-serving, but it will show there is cording activity.

Energetic Protection

Healthy etheric cords are essential for positive, energetic connections and interacting with the energetic world around you. However, as they are a two-way feedback mechanism, they are vulnerable to non-serving energetic uses.

This may result in receiving non-serving energies, psychic attack, energetic infiltration, remote viewing etc. For this reason, it is essential to be in control of your thoughts and intentions to reduce inadvertently causing energetic harm to those you have corded.

The most important thing to do to remain protected is to ensure your energies are of a high vibration and that you do not harbour non-serving intentions and are aware of who you cord and those you do not cord.

Frequent energetic hygiene practices may be helpful and always spend time reviewing your energy healing practices and look for opportunities to grow and develop spiritually.

How To Remove Etheric Cords

The key ways to remove non-serving etheric cords and prevent them in the first place is to ensure your intentions are clear and your energies are high vibration, practice forgiveness and are in better control of your thoughts and where you place your focus.

With high self-esteem and self-worth it becomes more challenging to be corded. You can better stand in your personal power and know that you are strong and protected. This is part of the strength of thought and intention. For this reason, if you feel strong, you are strong.

You may be interested in the 10 Ways To Cut Etheric Cords And Prevent Them From Returning blog post, which details how you can remove and prevent negative ones from returning.

Etheric Cord Attunements

Attunements are lovely, energetic tools used in energy healing. If you work with attunements, you may be interested in the top etheric cord attunements that stand out.

I highly recommend the Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement. This attunement aims to cut and remove harmful and non-serving etheric cords and strengthen and support healthy positive ones. The Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement is a beautiful attunement is an excellent addition to your daily energy healing practices.


Etheric cords are energy structures that aim to help maintain healthy relationships and connections with the wider energetic world. Therefore, maintaining and strengthening healthy etheric cords while removing and preventing non-serving ones are essential energy healing and spiritual practices.

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