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7 Ways To Keep Your Home Energetically Clear

7 Ways To Keep Your Home Energetically Clear

When you do an energetic clearing of negative or non-serving energies from your home, it is referred to as a home space clearing. You attempt to energetically clear any non-supportive energies from your homes and replace them with harmonious and supportive energies. The 7 Ways To Keep Your Home Energetically Clear will help you do this.

Home space clearing should be done whenever you feel there is an energetic imbalance within the home which may result in out of the ordinary arguments, relationship issues, the house feels sad or dense, or you may feel the presence of something that is not welcome.

When you include your homes in your regular energy hygiene practices you not only aim to keep yourself in tip-top energetic condition but also the environment you spend most of your time in which contributes further to your increased well-being.

Keeping your home energetically clear and clean can be done relatively quickly and with minimal fuss. Here are seven ways to do just that.

1. Be mindful what you bring into the house.

Energy can be transferred from object to object. This means that if you bring an object into your home that has been around negativity, chaos or is given to you by someone who is very intense and you don’t feel is energetically supportive to you, may enter your house. If you have items in your home that you do not feel are supportive of you, then consider if they are needed in the house at all.

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2. Avoid clutter and hoarding.

When your home is cluttered, it prevents the free flow of energy within the house and may cause stagnant energy. Stagnant energy is not supportive and should be avoided in your home. Also, when you have a lot of clutter, it could be a manifestation of something within you that may need to be addressed.

3. Keep the home clean and aired.

I know this sounds obvious. However, a clean house has a higher potential of free-flowing energy which prevents stagnant energy from building up. It also helps to foster clarity of mind which may contribute to a more uplifting environment.

4. Be mindful of what you think, say and feel.

You spend a lot of time in your home. The more intense your energies are, the more likely they are to transfer to our environments. I am sure we all have experience of walking into a room following an argument or intense conversation and felt the energies lingering for some time afterwards.

5. Smudging and incense.

Smudging is a popular way to clear the energies of a home. The idea is that the vibration of the burning material (usually sage) and the smoke help to not only bring balance but also purify the area. This is a popular method to help in keeping the energies of your home supportive and clear.

6. Salt and crystals.

Another favourite way to help clear non-serving energies and to purify and protect areas of a home is to use salt and crystals. By placing a few well-chosen crystals in corners or around the boundaries of your property may help. Any quartz would be a good choice. You can do the same with salt although this is a little messier so consider placing it in small bowls.

7. Raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, you also increase the vibration of the environment around you. By doing this, lower vibrational energies such as stuck non-serving, emotional energies in your environment will be cleared. Low vibrational energy can’t activate in the presence of high vibrational energy. You might want to consider the High Vibration Maintenance Attunement.

These seven ways should give you a good starting point to consider when looking at space clearing your homes. The Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement may be beneficial in helping you keep your home energetically clear of negative energies.

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