Distant Attunements

Can You Have Too Many Attunements?

Can You Have Too Many Attunements?

As distant attunements are readily available, reasonably priced and easy to work with, you have the potential of working with many attunements overtime. When you are working on a specific spiritual aspect in your life, choosing an attunement to assist you in gaining discoveries and supporting the action you are taking makes sense. With time you may find you have quite a collection of attunements. In many ways, it can feel like a kid in a sweetie shop. At some point, you may think about how many attunements are too many? Can you have too many attunements?

Can You Have Too Many Attunements?

Distant attunements are wonderful tools. They make accessing new energies and gaining discoveries and insights easier. Attunements have the potential of accelerating your spiritual path as you do not have to spend lots of time trying to access and discover these energies and discoveries, which may have taken many years. The only caveat is that you still need to integrate and work with the energies as an attunement in itself does not impart these discoveries. You still need to take action; however, the benefits of attunements may be immense.

As attunements are tools aiming to offer energetic support, you can't have too many. Some attunements you will use often while some only sporadically. You may accept an attunement, work with the energies, gain benefit and then have no further need to work with the energies again, which is absolutely fine. This is why attunements are so beneficial as they can be very flexible in their uses.

However, you must be clear that attunements are tools. Attunements do not replace the action and practice that you are required to put in. The only time too many attunements may be an issue is if you give your power away. If you feel you can't live without them, this may indicate a loss of personal power which you should address.

Be aware of how you practice your energy healing or spiritual practice. If you feel you can’t practice without constantly activating attunement energies or feel the need to accept many attunements designed to do the same thing, then you should take stock. This is why it is essential to work with each attunement thoroughly before moving on to the next. Sometimes you may want to accept many attunements at the same time and move on to the next batch without working with the energies. I want to stress that to get the most out of an attunement, you must treat it as a tool and work with it.


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