Can Attunements Interfere With Each Other?

Each attunement is unique. This means that each attunement will provide unique energies, teachings, energy structures and concepts. This is why working with attunements can be so much fun. If you work with them, each attunement will provide unique teachings or discoveries. Even attunements that may feel familiar or very subtle, if you work with the teachings they provide, you will gain spiritual insights. As each attunement provides unique energies, can attunements interfere with each other if you work with multiple attunements at the same time?

Can Attunements Interfere With Each Other?

The quick and simple answer is no, attunements will not interfere with each other. Working with attunements and directing energies are done through your intention. You use your intention to activate energies. This intention will be specific for each type of energy or attunement you activate. Your intention is key in all energy healing. If you do not hold an intention for the attunements to interfere with each other, then the attunements will not interfere with each other.

There is no harm in working with multiple attunements or when energies mix and work with each other in different ways. We are all one. This means these energies are already in and are part of you. However, as always, ensure your intention is clear about what you want to achieve. If you are particularly concerned, then hold the intention they will not interfere, and they will not interfere with each other.

It may be worth remembering that if you openly work with energies and allow the energies to flow as they intend, you will never have any issues in attunement interference. Energies are intuitive and will always provide what is needed at that time. Experiment with this, and you can experience this first hand. Let the energies of multiple attunements flow at the same time, and you will see how they do not interfere with each other.


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