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How To Amplify Energy Healing

How To Amplify Energy Healing

Energy is directed by intention. Intention is all you need to accept, access, receive, and send energies. Energy healing at its core is extremely easy. At its core, energy healing is available to all without any need for over-complication. Energy healers often overlook this as they may assume there must be a more profound way of working with energy. Of course, there is an infinite number of ways to work with energy, and I encourage you to explore and discover ways that work for you. However, at the most straightforward level, intention is all you need.

Another thing to consider is that if your intention is correct, the energies you access will be precisely what you need at that time. Again, nothing more is required at the most basic level of accessing energy. You will receive what you need. However, there are times where you may want to know how to amplify energy healing energies. This may be during an attunement or when you want to access and bring in energies.

How To Amplify Energy Healing

Activating energies to the power of is the simplest way of amplifying energies. The power of means to repeat the intention to access the energies multiple times in short succession. The power of refers to the number of times you repeat the intention. So if you repeat the intention three times, this will be to the power of three. If you want to intensify the energies by repeating your intention nine times, this will be to the power of 9.

As an example, if you want to activate the energies of Kundalini Seichim and amplify the energies to the power of three, then you may use the following intention statement:'

'Kundalini Seichim ON! Kundalini Seichim ON! Kundalini Seichim ON!'

You can use the above statement to amplify an attunement. Repeat the attunement receipt intention statement followed by the statement above.

Which Power Of Should You Use?

Deciding which power of is best for you will require practice. There is no definitive answer, and in all likelihood, it will be unique each time you use this method of energy amplification. I would start with the power of three and then experiment.

Energy Healing Amplification Warning

Energy amplification should not be the starting point when working with energy. The primary reason for this is that you run the genuine risk of desensitising yourself to subtle energies. An energy healer who masters working with energies will be skilled at sensing and working with the very subtlest of energies. It is a quality of an energy healing master. While there are no destinations of travel on your energy healing journey, being able to work with subtle energies is a required skill. With this in mind, always ensure you remain open to new experiences and not rely on energy amplification in all situations.

Another energetic issue is something I like to call energy body flop. Energy body flop occurs when a sudden rush of energy enters or flows through your energy bodies (chakras, energy channels, etc.) resulting in the energy bodies stretching suddenly. This sudden stretching of the energy bodies energetic structure results in loss of flexibility. When the energies stop flowing the energy body is unable to return to its standard size, resulting in the walls of the energy body flopping down and around itself. This causes energy flow issues and possibly even energy blockages. It would be best if you avoided this.

With this in mind, never set an intention to amplify the energies by an unrealistic and extreme amount. I have worked with energy healers who have attempted to amplify energy to the power of over a thousand, resulting in severe energy body flop. There are no energetic benefits to this type of extreme energy amplification.

Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement

If you would like to work with an attunement that aims to safely expand your energy channels allowing for more energy to flow, you may want to consider the Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement.

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