Energetic Protection Now Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement)

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The Energetic Protection Now Empowerment free self attunement aims to give you a quick and easy way to activate and gain energetic protection when you need it straight away.

This self attunement is meant only to be used in times when energetic protection is required immediately and is not intended to be continuously used. You might use this empowerment when you suddenly feel energetically under attack and are unable to deal with it promptly. Or in times when you are out and about and come into contact with negative or non-supportive energies.

The energies of the Energetic Protection Now Empowerment aims to offer quick, energetic protection against non-serving or negative energies that may seek to harm or have a non-serving effect on you. This may include deliberate psychic attacks or non-serving energies that you either come into contact with or pick up randomly during your day.

This is a free self-attunement. Once you check out (you will not be charged for this self-attunement), you will receive an email with a link to your digital download of the manual (PDF document). 

You must follow the instructions provided in the manual to accept the attunement. You attune yourself to self attunements. Your self attunement has already been prepared and placed in the etheric realms for you to accept whenever you are ready to do so. You do not need to request that your attunement be prepared.

No certificate and lineage are provided.

The Energetic Protection Now Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement) requirements:

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. 

Why have a distant attunement with Craig?

The Energetic Protection Now Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement) works well with the following attunements:

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