49 Angelic Symbols

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Cherryl Gothelf

The distant 49 Angelic Symbols attunements aim to connect you with 49 beautiful angels and their angelic symbols to clear blockages, chakra activation, raised frequency and self-healing.

The symbols aim to connect you to the following angels:

  1. Angel for Belief and Trust
  2. Angel for Love and Self-Love
  3. Angel for Rest and Ease
  4. Angel for Cleanness and Clearness
  5. Angel for By Virtue of and Strength
  6. Angel for Change and Conversion
  7. Angel for Optimism and Beauty
  8. Angel for Direction and Purpose
  9. Angel for Self worth and Assurance
  10. Angel for Maturity and Wisdom
  11. Angel for Security
  12. Angel for Creativity 
  13. Angel for Decision and Re-orientation
  14. Angel for Love and Unconditional Nature
  15. Angel for Light and Reality
  16. Angel for Creative Wisdom
  17. Angel for Prosperity and Fullness
  18. Angel for Sense of Responsibility
  19. Angel for Spiritual Awakening
  20. Angel for Love and Relations
  21. Angel for Perseverance and Fulfilment
  22. Angel for Consequence and Order
  23. Angel for Knowledge and Accepting
  24. Angel for Returning Thoughts and Solutions
  25. Angel for Spiritual Strength and Conversion
  26. Angel for Renewal and Development
  27. Angel for Death and Rebirth
  28. Angel for Patience
  29. Angel for Material Affairs
  30. Angel for Courage and Perseverance
  31. Angel for Co-humanity
  32. Angel for Freeing from Dependence
  33. Angel for the Creative Word
  34. Angel for Old Knowledge
  35. Angel for Energy and Success
  36. Angel for Letting Go
  37. Angel for All Love
  38. Angel for Solution
  39. Angel for Mercy
  40. Angel for Divine Strength
  41. Angel for Divine Wisdom
  42. Archangel Michael
  43. Archangel Jophiel
  44. Archangel Chamuel
  45. Archangel Gabriel
  46. Archangel Raphael
  47. Archangel Uriel
  48. Archangel Zadkiel
  49. Archangel Metatron

49 Angelic Symbols is in the following discounted package:

What are the 49 Angelic Symbols requirements?

What may I gain from this attunement?

  • Energetic angelic connections.
  • May use energies for yourself and for others.
  • May attune others to these energies.

What is included?

  • Digital download of the original manual.
  • 1 distant attunement prepared as a Chi Ball Attunement.
  • Certificate with lineage and signature via email.
  • Training and support during the course duration via email.


Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. Why have a distant attunement with Craig?

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