The Number One Spiritual Growth Killer

The Number One Spiritual Growth Killer

Hands up, how often have you caught yourself thinking I know this already? Perhaps you have read a blog post, purchased a course or have had a conversation with a friend. You know the topic inside out. Could this possibly be the number one spiritual growth killer?

Have you achieved your spiritual or self-development goals?

It is very easy to slip into this type of mindset. After all, you may have to spend a lot of time, money and commitment learning about a particular topic or working hard to achieve specific self-development or spiritual goals.

Now imagine you have just purchased a course. You take a little time scanning over the content, and your immediate thought is: ‘I know this already’.

The Number One Spiritual Growth Killer

Thinking 'I know this already' is the biggest self-development and spiritual growth killer. It stops your potential growth dead in the water.

Due to the intention that has been created your future spiritual and self-development may be very limited also. You see thought creates intention.

If you feel you have reached your potential or there is nothing to learn from what is in from of you, you have just limited yourself.

Some challenging questions should be asked. Be honest. Have you achieved your spiritual or self-development goals?

If the answer is no, then it is doubtful you know it already. Here is why. Knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge can be an illusion that traps you in spiritual stagnation. It tends to build and feed your ego if left unchecked. Knowledge must be accompanied by action.

Only when you combine knowledge and action, do you experience wisdom. Action must be repeated over time to gain experience. It is at this point that you can achieve your goals.

Knowledge has been turned into energy through action. It is easily remembered by you energetically and allows you to reach higher than you ever dreamed.

Your Perception Will Change As You Grow

It is also worth mentioning that your truth will change with shifts in your perception. This means even things that you feel you know well will change as you grow and develop.

In this space, even the known can teach and show you the unknown. Is this not an unbelievably wonderful and empowering thought!

Embrace this and always look for the teaching behind all and everything.

If you look close enough, you will gain new teaching and understanding. You also avoid the number one spiritual growth killer.

‘I know this already’ is a thought that should never be ignored. Let it challenge you to seek a new truth, a new understanding, and discover a new lesson.

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