MaitriVihara Reiki

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Ana Noreigo Gonzalez

The distant MaitriVihara Reiki attunement aims to connect you with the higher realms by expanding your consciousness with a series of symbols which serve as a catalyst for the shifting of energy levels by balancing and focusing your awareness.

Maitri Vihara translates from Sanskrit as the abode of love. The energies of this attunement focus on the inner journey towards healing and alignment. They aim to increase compassionate awarness and provide a constant reminder to the interdependence of each individual in the Cosmos.

The 8 page manual provides a meditation and symbols taught over three levels. You will be given information on how to accept the attunement when you request that the attunement is prepared for you.

What are the MaitriVihara Reiki requirements?

What may I gain from this attunement?

  • May use energies for yourself and for others.
  • May attune others to these energies.

What is included?

  • Digital download of the original manual (8 pages).
  • 1 distant attunements prepared as a Chi Ball Attunement.
  • Certificate with lineage and signature via email.
  • Training and support during the course duration via email.


Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information. Why have a distant attunement with Craig?

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