Distant Energy Healing Treatment

Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment

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Your treatment will be performed by Craig, the founder of Blissful Light.

The Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment aims to heal, clear and release negative karma you are ready to release with the support of the Angels Of Karma Healing.

These extremely supportive, nurturing and empowering energies aim to support your karma healing and clearing.

You must approach this treatment and work with the Angels Of Karma Healing with respect and a deep willingness to work with any clearing and action that may be required.

The Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment aims to include the following:

  • Raise your vibration.
  • Clearing, healing, balancing, and repairing your energies and energy bodies (aura, chakras, meridians, etc.)
  • Remove auric attachments, etheric cords, imprints, debris, etc.
  • Increase the amount of high-vibration light energy your energy bodies hold.
  • Strengthen higher self connections.
  • Open channels to enhanced karma healing and clearing.
  • Integrate the Angels Of Karma Healing energies, support, and spiritual development potential.
  • Anchor the Angels Of Karma Healing energies into energy bodies and energies.
  • Karma healing, clearing, release and honouring.
  • Encourage consistent and ongoing karma healing and support.
  • Better ability to trust in received karmic information.
  • Focus on the spiritual nature and broader oneness view.
  • Stimulate mature progress and ability to work with spiritual information and other beings of light.
  • Angels Of Karma Healing blessings.
  • Energetic grounding and appropriate energetic protection.

This treatment will only clear the energies you are ready to release. It will not remove your connections to spirit or any energy healing modalities you are attuned to or work with. It aligns with your higher self.

This treatment does not read karma; its focus is on clearing karma.

The Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment requirements:

What is included?

  • Distant Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment.
  • There is no treatment pre-scheduling. Following you emailing me letting me know you are ready for your treatment, I will complete the treatment as soon as possible without scheduling a date or time. This allows me to work on your energies while in a natural state and in divine timing, which is essential for the treatment.
  • Relevant feedback of up to 200 words.

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information.

Energetic Support

High Vibration Energies

The Ultimate Angels Of Karma Healing Treatment aims to provide energetic support and assist spiritual growth and development. The treatment is provided in a safe, high-vibration, and advanced way to support, nurture and enhance your energies.

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

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