Energetic Protection

Are You Obsessed About Energetic Protection?

Are You Obsessed About Energetic Protection?

Is your need for energetic protection increasing? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about being under psychic attack? Are you spending more and more time doing energetic protection practices each day? Have you noticed a drop in energetic vitality and an increase in suspicion of psychic attack? Are you obsessed about energetic protection?

Are You Obsessed About Energetic Protection?

Your need for energetic protection is directly linked to the reality you are in, your energetic vibration and the fear within you. Suppose you approach energetic protection from a place of fear you may create a reality where you are vulnerable to non-serving energies. The fear I am referring to here is inappropriate. It is not instinctual fear. Some fear is appropriate and aims to keep you safe.

When you remember that you are a powerful infinite being, it becomes difficult for lower vibrational energy to influence you energetically. I want to stress this point. It is difficult for non-serving energies to cause you energetic harm when you remember you are an infinite being of tremendous power. When you live life with this tangible knowing, the need for energetic protection significantly reduces.

This is partly due to the high vibration of your energy and that fear and the need for energetic protection are just not part of your reality. Shift your perception and your reality changes.

Consequences Of Obsessive Energetic Protection

When you excessively avoid non-serving energies (through inappropriate fear), you run the risk of:

  • energetically isolating yourself from your environment,
  • sustaining a fear-based reality,
  • creating a need for energetic protection instead of responding to it,
  • perpetuating a ‘me and them’ mentality (victim mentality),
  • creating energetic separation and disconnect from oneness, and
  • being unable to learn and grow from life experiences as you may have inadvertently blocked or avoided them.

I deliberately used the word, avoid. We have learnt to avoid suffering, which may result in fear of change. The problem with avoiding suffering is that you can't avoid it and you do not learn any spiritual lessons. When you cut yourself off from the flow of the universe and stop learning and discovering you may enter spiritual stagnation. This, unfortunately, may have the effect of seeming like you are under psychic attack, where you are going through a forced change to realign and learn.

What To Do When You Need Energetic Protection

However, there are times when you are a little more vulnerable to external non-serving energies. Typically this may occur when you have a low vibration. Sometimes you may have a specific energetic threat such as psychic attack (it is essential to discern whether this is actual or an illusion caused by spiritual stagnation or ego).

In these specific times, energetic protection may be necessary. However, I must stress, any energetic practices should not come from a place of fear or victimhood (me and them thinking). You may be interested in the blog post 7 Tips For Preventative Energetic Protection for further reading.

If you like working with energetic protection attunements, the following safe and high vibration attunements may be of interest:


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