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7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection

7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection

There is a bewildering amount of different types of energetic protection practices, including very complicated and drawn-out rituals. The 7 tips for practical energetic protection are simple actions and techniques that anyone can learn. They can all be easily incorporated into your daily routine or used when needed.

While doing any energetic protection practice, it is essential to be mindful of not doing it from a place of fear. Fear acts like a strong beacon and attracts non-serving energies. Fear reduction underpins the core five essential qualities of an energy healer which are necessary for effective energetic protection.

7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection

1. Practice daily energy hygiene.

Daily, it is beneficial to clean your energy bodies such as the aura, chakrasmeridians and kundalini. By doing this, you ensure you keep your energy bodies not only clear but strong and functioning well. This will increase your energy bodies ability to keep you energetically strong. Cord-cutting is also an essential practice that aims to keep you energetically protected and free of others energies and intentions.

2. Build a strong aura. 

Your aura has several functions, with one of the main being energetic protection. It is a natural shield that surrounds you where ever you go. The aura acts as a filter in keeping non-serving energies at bay. As such, the stronger and more vital your aura, the better. There are several techniques you can do to keep your aura healthy from energy healing, meditation, and intention. A straightforward technique is to imagine that your aura expands in a beautiful golden light. As it expands, it becomes stronger and brighter. Any non-serving energies are removed, and your aura becomes large, vital and energetically strong. Feel this with all your heart while doing this visualisation. You may also be interested in the Aura Maintenance Attunement which aims to clear, balance, repair and maintain a healing aura.

3. Cut non-serving etheric cords.

Etheric cords form when we interact with people, things and even places. They are an essential part of healthy relationships and connections. When etheric cords are non-serving, you may find someone, something or place are draining your vital energy. This draining effect is not only detrimental to your vitality. It may also give direct access to your energy bodies from the source of the cord. This may make you vulnerable to energetic control and attack. The simplest and easiest way to cut non-serving cords is to do a couple ‘karate chops’ in front of your chest (over the diaphragm) while holding the intention to cut them. You may also be interested in the Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement which aims to remove negative cords and maintain healthy and positive cords.

4. Daily energetic protection intention. 

Energetic protection techniques are usually not a one-off event or occurrence. As such, it may be useful to use intention each day to include energetic protection. It does not need to be a complex intention, as heartfelt and straightforward is often the best approach. An example of an energetic protection statement could be: ‘I am energetically protected in all that I do’. I would encourage you to use an intention statement that resonates with you, so please feel free to amend this intention statement to suit you.

5. Salt baths.

Salt baths are not only great for general detox purposes, but they are also very effective at removing psychic contamination. Psychic contamination is any energy picked up that may have a detrimental effect on you, such as negative thoughts, emotions, and even psychic attack. While running a bath, add your salt (Himalayan Salt is a great choice), and anything else you may feel is appropriate such as purifying essential oils or even nettle tea. While running the bath, perhaps use your intention to ask for a cleansing effect as you soak in the water.

6. Learn a specific energy healing protection technique.

There are many wonderful energy healing systems, modalities, techniques and attunements available for energetic protection. Some offer general protection while some are extremely specific depending on what you want to achieve, such as cord-cutting, implant removal etc. I have put together an Energetic Protection collection of some of the best attunements that may be useful in getting an idea of what best suits you and your needs. In particular, you may want to consider the following attunements:

7. Space Clearing.

Space clearing is a beautiful way to not only clear non-serving energies from your home, but it also brings in harmonious energies and strengthens energetic protection. You can do Space clearing with intention alone, or you can use smudging, crystals and energy healing techniques. 7 Ways To Keep Your Home Energetically Clear gives straightforward ways to keep your home clear of non-serving energies and enhance overall energetic protection. If you are looking for an attunement, then I highly recommend the Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement.

The 7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection work wonderfully in addition to the 7 Tips For Preventative Energetic Protection.


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