7 Tips For Preventative Energetic Protection

July 23, 2016 4 min read

7 Tips For Preventative Energetic Protection

Probably as much as 90% of energetic protection comes down to you and not external sources. This means you hold most of the power when it comes to energetic protection. The following 7 tips give you ways to work on preventative ways to help increase energetic protection. Best of all these steps do not require that you learn any techniques or even follow any rituals.

Probably as much as 90% of energetic protection comes down to you and not external. sources.

These 7 tips rely solely on you and no external factors, making them not only useful but also empowering in many other parts of your life. Nothing outside of you will heal you, and this is equally applicable to most energetic protection work.

7 Tips For Preventative Energetic Protection

1. Belief. 

There is no surprise that the more you believe you are energetically safe, the stronger your personal power becomes and the more energetically protected you are. This is directly related to intention (What Is Intention?). If you set an intention that you are protected and taken care of, you are far more likely to be better energetically protected. Never underestimate the power of belief.

2. Reduce fear. 

Fear is like a strong beacon or tractor beam to energies that are non-serving. Fear gives non-serving energy access not just to your energy bodies (aura, chakras etc.) but also to your subconscious mind and soul. With this type of access, it is possible to take in non-serving energies, entities, attachments at a profound level. By reducing fear, in its many forms, you will be better able to switch off the beacon and significantly reduce access to non-serving energies.

3. Speak your truth. 

When you do not speak your truth, you cause energetic consequences for your energy bodies. You may find that your chakras weaken or get blocked. You may experience emotions getting stuck in your aura or find you become unbalanced over time. You start to lose your alignment with life. When you speak your truth with love, you allow your energy bodies to be open and function optimally as you are in better alignment with your needs. This ensures your energy bodies are strong and better able to protect you energetically. Another point worth mentioning is when you don’t speak your truth you are more susceptible to making poor choices which may increase your need for energetic protection. You can read more about speaking your truth in the blog post What Does Truth Really Mean?.

4. Choose carefully those whom you interact. 

Another wonderful function of your aura and chakras are to take in energies around you and to give off some of yours. This allows you to sense others and to better interact with them. With this in mind if you interact with and spend time with people who are perhaps ‘negative’, have a ‘bad’ attitude or just do not build you up you stand a high chance that you are absorbing their energy. Your aura, if strong, should be able to keep most of the non-serving energies at bay. However, if you are energetically weak or spend too much time with these types of people, you stand a good chance of absorbing their non-serving energies and forming non-serving etheric cords. These are both ways that may significantly reduce your ability to protect yourself energetically.

5. Choose carefully the places you visit. 

As your energy bodies are designed to absorb energies around you, it is important to be mindful of the environments you visit. If you visit places that are energetically heavy, chaotic or dense, you stand a higher chance of absorbing these energies. It is best to avoid these places as much as possible. If it is not possible to avoid these sorts of environments, then it is essential to practice regular energy hygiene such as aura clearing and cord cutting.

6. Reduce the need to control. 

When you try and exert control over someone, you may start to interfere with the universal law of free will. When you deliberately violate this universal law, you not only cause issues for the person being controlled but also for yourself. Depending on the intensity and intention behind the control (10 Signs You Are Trying To Control An Outcome) you may send out emotional energy that is so strong that you punch holes in your aura. This can also often be seen when practising certain types of controlling magic. The basic principles of control over someone else are the same in both cases. Any holes in the aura significantly reduce your ability to protect yourself energetically.

7. Forgiveness. 

When you hold on to anger, hurt and resentment you damage your energy bodies. Often you will find that the aura responds to this by reducing its size which reduces vitality and its ability to protect. It causes chakras to become blocked (Forgiveness And The Thymus Chakra), miss-shaped and not function well. You may also find that your meridians, the energy bodies that distribute energy around our bodies, become sluggish and blocked. These effects on your energy bodies all lead to diminished vitality and reduced structural strength. This, in turn, lowers your ability to protect yourself energetically. Forgiveness has many benefits, one of which is to boost your energetic protection.

In addition to preventative steps, you may be interested in learning some additional practices — the 7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection.


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