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Why Do Some Attunements Feel Cold?

Why Do Some Attunements Feel Cold?

Sometimes when accepting an attunement, you may perceive subtle sensations.

More often than not the subtle sensations typically range from being warm (especially when working on energy channels and kundalini), to tingles, a sensation of movement etc.

This is all very normal and often what you would expect.

However, it is important not to prejudge any experience. You are a unique being who will have a unique experience with each attunement.

With this in mind, often a most unexpected sensation is a sudden chill or drop in temperature in your energy bodies or even your environment.

Why do some attunements feel cold?

Why Do Some Attunements Feel Cold?

Before I explain, I wanted to mention that experiencing cold is not unique to attunements.

Cold sensations may occur in almost all types of energetic, lightworker, shamanic and spiritual practices.

Experiencing a cold attunement, with a sudden, subtle shift in temperature can be unsettling and even confusing. This, in part, is due to your perceptions of how an attunement should be.

Having your expectations challenged is a good thing.

I like cold attunements as they force you to stop and take notice. They remind you not to expect attunements always to be a certain way. Because of this, cold attunements can be excellent teachers.

Each cold attunement tends to have a different meaning; however, usually, it indicates the sudden shift of dimensions or vibrational range.

Depending on the intention of the attunement, if you are working to raise your vibration, this may result in a sudden chilling effect if the increased vibration occurs swiftly.

If an attunement aims to work across dimensions, you may experience this as being cold as different dimensions are accessed, especially if done so quickly.

In addition to the cold sensations, you may also perceive subtle shifts in energy flow, almost felt like a spiritual wind.

Aside from cold attunements, you may also experience cold when you open sacred space, resulting in a sudden chill to the air in your environment.

This is due to the reasons mentioned above and also the presence of divine energies and beings. Sometimes spirit guides and angelic beings of light may be sensed as subtle cold energies.

I always have a blanket with me when I space clear and open sacred space because of this.

My first experience of cold during spiritual work was when I was working with a shamanic practitioner many years ago.

Sacred space was opened, followed by a sudden flow of cold spiritual energy over both of us and around the room. It was quite an experience and one that has never left me.

Now I always acknowledge cold sensations during attunements and spiritual work. I see this as a deep and profound connection established with the divine.

Cold attunements are nothing to worry about and are a great indication of the energetic depth and connection you are creating.

Embrace cold attunements as the excellent teachers that they are. Just don't forget to keep a blanket nearby.

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