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What Are Energetic Implants?

What Are Energetic Implants?

When working with energy healing and the energy bodies, you may come across an energetic implant.

Energetic implants are created energetic structures that are becoming rare due to the gradual raising of vibration; however, understanding what energetic implants are is essential.

What Are Energetic Implants?

Implants are energetic structures created by yourself, someone, a being or a location that often has an energetic program that actively or passively impacts your subtle energies negatively.

Energetic implants, sometimes called etheric implants or energy implants, are placed within your energy field (auric field), which surrounds your physical body.

Sometimes you may find energetic implants in a particular energy body or a major chakra. If this is the case, the natural flow of chi, or chi flow, may be reduced.

If this occurs over a long time, you may find a sluggish movement of chi, restricted access to your soul contracts and a reduction in being able to hold light energy in your etheric field.

Energetic Implant Shapes

Implants will typically take on the shape of the energy or intention that creates them. For example, you may find implants that look like spears in the auric layers resulting from a psychic attack.

The spear represents the piercing intention of the psychic attacker to harm. The spear may represent the energies' force, speed, intent, and harm.

The shape of the implant can give you a lot of insight. For example, it may reveal the implant's meaning or how and why you received it.

Energetic Implant Locations

Equally, the location of the implant may reveal the intentions and possible programs. A good example is if you find an implant in a specific chakra, look at the meaning and corresponding energies associated with the chakra to understand the implant's intention.

If you find energetic blocks, knots of energy or etheric parasites in the chakra, look at what the chakra does.

As an example, the throat chakra concerns speaking your truth. If you find an energetic implant in the throat chakra, the implant may be trying to stop you from speaking your truth. Use your intuition and sixth sense to get a good idea of the implant's intention.

Energetic Implant Programs

Implants, depending on the intention when created, may have energetic programs. These programmed energies are held in place by the structure of the implant.

The location of the implant may suggest what any potential energetic program may be. While not in all implants, implant programs may be created intentionally and unintentionally.

The program may vary vastly based on the degree of influence on your energies. For example, some implant programs may range from being reasonably benign to attempting to cause energetic blockages or introducing negative energy.

Implants may have energetic protection issues, as sometimes they may still be energetically connected with the creator of the implant.

Implant lineage connections are usually quite subtle when they are present. For example, they may allow an energy exchange, further holding the implant in place.

Some of the symptoms of implants may also be signs of mental illness. If this is the case, it is essential to speak to a medical practitioner.

Implants are subtle energies and do not cause significant dimensional shifts, mind control etc.

If you are experiencing symptoms that impact or prevent you from living your daily life, you should consult your doctor before undertaking any energy healing.

How To Clear Energetic Implants

It is essential not to respond with anger when working to remove implants. You do not want to respond to an implant by creating an implant for someone else.

Removing implants from a place of high personal power and holding higher vibration emotions is equally essential.

This means you work to remove the implant, not from a place of victimhood, blaming or believing you can't remove the implant. Do not create further non-serving intentions that may strengthen the implant.

If you think you can't remove an implant, you are inadvertently creating an intention to keep the implant.

While most energetic implants can be cleared quickly, some may take a long time and require a lot of inner work. This may be due to reduced personal power, old habits, reduced energetic level or your energy fields holding a lower concentration of light energy.

However, all etheric implants can be removed with time and much work. If you are having a challenging time removing an implant, always ensure you work with higher energies, focus on your awakening process and ensure all your actions are in line with your higher self.


With this in mind, and in the first place, ensure you are well-grounded. Energetic grounding ensures your energies are balanced with the energy of the earth. This aims to help ensure your energies are as balanced as possible before you remove the energetic implant.

Once grounded, hold a strong, focused intention to clear the implant immediately. Once removed, there will be no lingering tracking and any damage repaired. Hold the intention further to strengthen your sense of personal power and stand in your light.

When you feel protected, strong and complete, you send this out into the energetic world. So try and reduce negative emotions and ensure your life force energy is high.

Attunements And Energy Healing

Energy healing attunements are tools that can aid in the removal of energetic implants.

The Implant Removal Maintenance Attunement, available at, has been specifically created with the aim of removing energetic implants, strengthening personal power and repairing any damage. This attunement is for energy healers with significant energy healing practice and experience.

If you use other energy healing, energy work or spiritual methods to remove energetic implants, be mindful of giving your power away.

Do not allow spirit guides to dictate or give control of the implant removal to another being. When you do this, you infer a strong intention that you are incapable or don't have the power to do so. You do! Asking for support is fine, but never relinquish responsibility to another being.


Energetic implants are energetic structures, which may be programmed, typically found in your energy bodies within the human body. They usually can be cleared relatively quickly, with strong-focused intention, strong personal power and sometimes with the assistance of attunements.

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