Distant Energy Healing Treatment

Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment

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Your treatment will be performed by Craig, the founder of Blissful Light.

The distant Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment aims to clear your starseed lineage and focus on spiritual alignment, awareness, and better energetic integration for starseeds.

We are all starseeds with multiple previous incarnations, even if you only identify with one star race.

The session begins by raising your vibration and clearing, cleansing, and balancing your starseed lineage, followed by a strong focus on the spiritual aspects of starseed healing and energetic integration.

This aims to include strengthening connections with your starseed lineage, intending to bring healing to your previous connections. It may also assist in increasing your intuition and establishing better communication with or insights into star races and possible past starseed incarnations.

While increasing awareness and intuition may take a lot of practice and time, this treatment aims to get you to a more balanced state to achieve this. Although it should be pointed out that the most essential incarnation is your current incarnation. This is the focus of this treatment, your spiritual development in this lifetime while working on the past.

The treatment continues by aiming to further integrate any spiritual awareness and ensure your energies are high vibration and balanced overall. This may also assist in strengthening energetic protection.

The treatment aims to ensure your energies are well anchored. This means that the spiritual aspects of your energies are balanced with your local energies, preventing any perception of energetic separation and strengthing your feeling of being centered. It also aims to ensure that any spiritual lessons or discoveries are better integrated, which may allow for more moments of enlightenment over time.

Your spiritual alignment may adjust, allowing you to feel more connected with the universe and focus more on this incarnation. This, in turn, will be enhanced by ensuring you are well grounded, which is often an issue with starseeds in general.

The treatment is finished by ensuring you are spiritually and energetically grounded.

This treatment will only clear the energies you are ready to release and will not remove your connections to spirit or any energy healing modalities. It works in complete alignment with your higher self.

Please note that this treatment does not read your starseed lineage or connections.

The Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment requirements:

What may I gain from this treatment?

  • Clear, cleanse and balance the energies of your starseed lineage.
  • Strengthen your connection with your starseed lineage of star races.
  • Increase intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Increased energetic protection.
  • Spiritual alignment.
  • Energetic anchoring.
  • Spiritual and energetic integration.
  • Feel more grounded.
  • Boost personal power and self-confidence.

What is included?

  • Distant Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment.
  • There is no treatment pre-scheduling. Following you emailing me letting me know you are ready for your treatment, I will complete the treatment as soon as possible without scheduling a date or time. This allows me to work on your energies while in a natural state and in divine timing, which is essential for the treatment.
  • Relevant feedback of up to 200 words.

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information.

Energetic Support

High Vibration Energies

The Ultimate Starseed Healing Treatment aims to provide energetic support and assist spiritual growth and development. The treatment is provided in a safe, high-vibration, and advanced way to support, nurture and enhance your energies.

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

Ordering Energy Healing Treatments - What You Need To Know

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