Best Foods To Eat For Increased Vitality

I have written previously that if you want to raise your vibration, you must be aware of the energies around and within you. We all know that it is essential to eat well for our health. However, we tend to forget that this also affects our energetic vitality. What are the best foods to eat for increased vitality?

The best foods to eat for increased vitality are packed with nutrients and are easy to digest.

Best Foods To Eat For Increased Vitality

The best foods to eat for increased vitality are packed with nutrients and are easy to digest. The nutrients in these foods are broken down when digested, yielding their nutrition and also energy. The easier and less effort and energy it takes to break down the food in order to release the nutrients, the better. When we digest food it takes energy to do so. It is, for this reason, it is best to avoid or limit foods that are difficult to break down and give a limited amount of nutrition for the effort.

Have you ever noticed that the foods richest in nutrients and easiest to break down (giving the best nutrients and energy gain) also tend to have been grown in places of high sunshine, clean air, and good quality soil? No surprise really as these are all sources of high vibration energy. Dense and lower vibration food takes more energy to digest and over a longer time. This means that it takes more energy to get the nutrients, which reduces the amount of energy that is gained. It is due to this that foods that are dense and difficult to digest should be reduced.

When selecting fruits and vegetables try and choose plants that have deep and rich colours. The reason for this is that you tend to get far more antioxidants in these foods. Make sure they are firm and still have much of their life force. These foods will give the best energy transfer. Foods such as excessive amounts of starchy foods like potatoes should be reduced. Also, consider reducing your intake of meats and dairy.

Processed food should also be reduced and if possible avoided. Typically processed foods have reduced nutrient content and are packed with chemical preservatives. These may be safe to consume, but they don't help raise your vibration. Another consideration is the energies that have been picked up during the processing. I would rather eat something natural than something that has been mixed and processed in a factory.

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